Throwback Thursday: Looking Back at Armada

Armada one of my favorite games on the Dreamcast and a look back at it.

Armada one of my favorite games on the Dreamcast and a look back at it.

Armada, stands out as one of my favorite games on the Dreamcast. Armada was a Dreamcast exclusive and was launched in 1999. It was developed and published by Metro3D. 

Armada put players in the position to fly around outer space leveling up your ship. The more powerful your ship becomes the farther you can fly away from home base without having to worry too much about the enemies you run into. Players could complete missions to speed up leveling process and even enter other planet’s atmospheres assisting in that planet’s battles. Other side missions would recruit other ships to fly by your side fighting with you and eventually turning them in for experience.

Asteroids on steroids equals… Armada



Topping the leveling up of ships there were items that could boost a multitude of specs on your ship. These items could upgrade your boost, health, damage, or even how your ship shoots. 

Armada still feels like it should be made into a PSN or XBLA game. The gameplay is setup perfect for friends to travel the galaxy leveling up their ships together. Even if they were to add new mechanics to the game allowing players to fight one another would really make things interesting. 

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