Titanfall Reviews Favorable, But Is This Indeed a “Revolution?”

The critics definitely seem to like Titanfall, but do the reviews indicate a legendary title?
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Thus far, it appears the critics are definitely appreciative of Respawn Entertainment’s mammoth effort.

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The hugely anticipated game currently holds a Metacritive average of 87, which is a legitimate accomplishment. It’s below the elite 9 threshold, though, despite a perfect score from EGM and 14 recorded reviews of 9+. Typically, the first reviews tend to be a little higher, so it may be unlikely that Titanfall will end up with a 90+ overall Metacritic rating.

The question is: Does this game qualify as the multiplayer revolution it was purported to be? Is it at least an evolution? Does it feel entirely fresh or is it simply a more advanced version of the standard first-person shooter mold?

In other words, is it just good, or is it REALLY something we’ve never seen before?

That’s an important question. I’m not one of those people who believe every last game must be innovative in some way. It’s not only impossible, it’s unnecessary. Fans of a certain franchise and genre are fans for a reason; constantly changing it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. That being said, I think we can all agree that FPSs have grown quite stale over the recent generation, and even some die-hard fans have become fatigued.

I’m one of them. I’ve been hoping Titanfall will represent the next step in multiplayer entertainment and according to some critics, it does. That’s the exciting part. There are other reviews, however, that say while it’s a really great game, it’s not all that different. Well, for those who have played it, what’s your take?

Is it different? Or is it just a great version of that which we already have?

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