To Play or Not to Play; My Struggle With GTA V

I had never cared about the series until GTA V was released, but why should I play it?
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I’m a lover, not a fighter. With that being said, I’ve never found the appeal of Grand Theft Auto. A switch just never went off. I don’t find punching people in the face and taking their cars all that interesting.

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Am I missing something? Was my switch disconnected? I guess I have a few reasons why I never thought playing GTA was a good idea, but nothing is solid enough to keep me away forever.

With Grand Theft Auto V releasing tomorrow, I have had to struggle with my gut feelings and what hundreds of thousands of people are telling me on the internet. Should I play?

I’m just not that person.

GTA just isn’t for me. Well, that’s what I’ve always thought. I’m a white female, so when GTA was first released I just felt like this was a game I wasn’t supposed to be playing. I’m not the person that Grand Theft Auto was targeted for. It could have also been my goody-good ways during that time. Even though I have tons of friends that play GTA (including white females), I just haven’t been able to break out of that mindset. My parents just taught me to not steal cars and beat up hookers–suppose that goes for video game characters as well.

It’s too real.

I’ve lived in a big city my whole life and have had to deal with the central ideas of the GTA story first hand. I just never thought it would be interesting to play a game based on what is out my front door. I use video games to get away from it. Although my city has never been as extreme as the settings in GTA, I just haven’t understood the appeal of playing a game like that. I figure that is because I’m not the majority. Most people will never experience a life like the one in GTA, I can see the thrill behind it.

GTA is just too non-fiction. I love being transported into another world. GTA might be similar to Skyrim, but I’d pick up Skyrim any day over GTA, just because GTA is too close to non-fiction. This goes back to how closely I can relate to the game.

So help me out. Is the GTA series worth getting my hands on? I’ve been struggling with the decision since the release date was announced. What am I missing out on? Help me understand by leaving a comment.

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