Tomb Raider: Recreating an Icon

Crystal Dynamics talks about recreating Lara Croft.

Crystal Dynamics talks about recreating Lara Croft.

The talent behind Tomb Raider sat down with PAX East attendees this morning, giving an exclusive look into the process involved in recreating Lara Croft.

Part of the challenge came from the cultural aspects of almost any game development. Tomb Raider shipped in 15 languages, making the game a comprehensive experience for players all over the world. Japanese releases had to be edited so that there were fewer bloody limbs and more burned, charred limbs instead.

One panelist stated that the lighting in Tomb Raider also proved to be difficult, as lighting is key in helping players progress and not be stuck on one level for hours. Shanty Town, for example, could keep players for hours. Continuing on that note, it was revealed that the designers and artists had a lot of back in forth in order to create a cohesive and clear combat and storyline space. “It’s pretty dynamic.”

All panelists played the games after the release and ship, finding that they really enjoyed it. “When you come back and play it, you’re like… Wow.”

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