Top 10 Console Games of 2013 (Xbox/PlayStation)

My Top 10 Games of 2013 presented to you with why they earned that spot. Look for a list of games that was in consideration on the last slide.

Minecraft (Retail Release)

I'm not going to say a lot about Minecraft, but it does start off my list at number 10. This game has given me endless hours of fun of just messing around and building stuff. It's just a shame that the console versions are behind on the PC versions.

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Grand Theft Auto V

That's right. In at number 9 is Grand Theft Auto V. Surprised it's not higher up in the list? Don't get me wrong, the game is fantastic. The online play is fantastic. I just put it down after 3 weeks of playing out of boredom. I can't even play it now for longer than an hour at a time. I looked forward to online with the heists and everything Rockstar had promised, yet it wasn't in there.

The Last Of Us

 Joining us at the 8th spot is The Last Of Us. It's a brilliant game. I had a lot of fun playing through it, well the majority of the game anyway. The level design, plot and graphical aspects of the game was absolutely fantastic, I was just put off by the gameplay. For some reason, it didn't stick with me.

Zoo Tycoon

This had to go on the list, and so it is. Zoo Tycoon at number 7. It's weird. I don't actually have a bad thing to say about this game, yet it is only 7th in my list. The game itself is very aesthetically pleasing, the gameplay flows really nicely, controls are lovely.... Nope, not a bad word against this game. 


Dead Rising 3

Come join us at the 6th spot Dead Rising 3. I'm very surprised by this game and I will tell you why. Normally when a game dev says "No loading screens," that means no loading screens, we will just be loading everything in the background and let it affect your gameplay. So I thought the same would happen again. Boy was I wrong. The game is great when it comes to flowing through different areas with all the different assets on screen. 

Tomb Raider

2013 saw the reboot of Tomb Raider with her origin story, and I see it into my number 5 spot for my Top 10 games of 2013. OK sure, the game felt repetitive from time to time, and I felt lost half of the time, but it is still one of the best games I have played this year. It was nice to see and origin story for Lara, and Square Enix did it well. I look forward to its next-gen version in the coming months.

Diablo III

Having never played a Diablo game, I didn't even think of picking this up until my birthday (3rd September), when I got handed a pre-order slip and a gift card for my local GAME shop for Diablo III. Yeah it's a shortish game, but allows for multiple playthroughs, which for me, didn't get boring like it usually would. I enjoyed the game very much, despite how short it was, hence its place as my 4th spot.

 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

And at number 3, we have Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. It was going to be Far Cry 3 in this spot, but then Google Auto Complete reminded of this gem. What was the developers smoking?. Whatever it was, they made one heck of a game. This game is where it is in my list because of its humour and gameplay. It's not everyday you get to shoot Blood Dragons with a bow and arrow whilst in a '80s view of the future.

 Dead Space 3

Coming in 2nd position on the podium is Dead Space 3. Why is this here you ask? Due to it's co-op play. I was very pessimistic about it all when it was announced but the truth of it is that it's one of the best co-op games I have played for a long time, along with Borderlands. The whole game can be played in co-op mode with none of the story being taken away from you. That is why it is in my number 2 spot. For surprising me and giving me a good co-op game.

 Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Well there it is. Assassin's Creed IV is number 1 in my Top 10 Console Games of 2013.

It is here for near enough the same reason that Dead Space 3 is at number 2. It surprised me. I was put off buying it because I strongly disliked Assassin's Creed 3, but I bought it during Christmas sales. I didn't play it for a few weeks after but when I did start playing it, I couldn't put the controller down. Aesthetically pleasing, fantastic gameplay mechanics, good storyline and plot. I regret not buying this game at launch, never mind not playing it for two weeks after buying it.

Think I'm missing a few games of this list. Look at the below list at games I considered for this list, the reason why I dismissed them and what spot they would be in.

  • Ryse: Son of Rome - Short game. Feels more like a tech demo to show off the Xbox One. - Spot 8
  • Bioshock Infinite - Very good game. Only missed out on the list due to my lack of interest post game. - Spot 6
  • Pokemon XY - It's a Pokemon game. Yes it is good, it's just the same thing with added features (Seems familiar?). - Spot 7
  • Beyond: Two Souls - I've never played the game so it wouldn't be fair on where it would be placed. - Spot 6
  • Saints Row IV - Again, I've never played it. I've only ever saw videos of it. - Spot 5

Have any comments on my list? Let me know. It would be interesting to see other people's opinion and their choices for the list.

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