Top 10 Custom PS4 Controllers

The PS4 controller may be sleek and stylish, but these custom controllers may convince you that you need an upgrade.

While it's up for debate whether getting a custom PS4 is worth the risk, there's no doubt in my mind that the regular PS4 controller - in black or white - is begging for some artistic touches. The white controller in particular makes me want to pull out my paint and glitter. 

Luckily, there are professionals who create custom controllers for the gamer that wants to make a statement. Here's a few of our favorites, though these are still just the tip of the iceberg! 

To be completely honest, I'm so far away from the target demographic for the Money Talks controller, that I'm not even sure who its supposed to appeal to. With shotgun thumbsticks and real 9mm gold bullet buttons, I'm sure it appeals to someone. 

Blood spurts on your controller are one thing, but the fingerprints on this Bloody Hands controller take the creepy to the next level. On the one hand, your friends are going to wonder what else you have hidden in your basement (besides your gaming gear). On the other hand, said friends will be very unwilling to cross you. 

The Toxic controller, is in your face chemical madness. This is the controller of someone who has played enough games like Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil that they know exactly what to do when the zombie apocalypse comes. Unfortunately for them, they're not going to be playing many video games once the apocalypse comes. 

For the more discerning PS4 player, there's also the Pink Hex from Imagine Customs. Everyone knows that hexagons are the shapes of the future - Deux Ex and TV Tropes prove it - which makes this controller perfect for gamers wanting to add a little science to their set-up. 


As a lady gamer, this isn't a controller that I would personally want, but it's great to see options like the Pink Zebra for gamers (men and women) who enjoy pastels and zebra prints. Personally, if I was skilled at multi-player games, it would give me some pretty heavy satisfaction to beat people with my pink controller. 

The Purge from Imagine Customs is the custom controller of the FPS player's dreams. Soaked in the blood of your enemies, this controller tells your friends that they'd better watch out too. Who knows what you'll do in friendly fire enabled games? You're crazy! 

The White Urban from Evil Controllers reminds players of their natural roots: urban jungles. You can take on zombies, soldiers, and monsters in-game, and still feel like an urban ninja when you turn the system off. 

This Special Edition Steel controller from Evil Controllers is the perfect controller for the retro gamer. The steel coating isn't an exact match to the original PlayStation controllers of old, but it still inspires that throwback feel. 

Not all blood is red, and the Alien Blood Green controller hammers this home with neon green blood that also glows in the dark. If you're using this controller, you probably like the Halo series too much, or you're a fan of raves...or both. Hey, you're a gamer, all types are welcome. 

If none of the prior controllers have tickled your fancy, you can always create your own! Websites like Evil Controllers and Acidic Gaming give you the options to customize every part of the PS4 controller just the way you want.

If you ever find anyone with the same custom-designed controller as you, you'll know it was meant to be.