Top 10 Custom Xbox One Controllers

The standard Xbox One controller may be functional, but these custom Xbox One controllers are functional and4 fabulous.

I may be almost thirty years old now, but if I'm playing multi-player games at someone's house, I'm always going to fight for the coolest controller available. My friends and family may be my age (and older), but they're always going to fight back. Forgetting their adult dignity just to get hold of the blue sparkly PS3 controller. 

All that to say that no matter your age, people will fight and be jealous your fancy controllers. So here are some excellent custom Xbox One controllers that you'll never let your friends use, only admire from a distance. 

Remeber the old clear controllers that got less cool with every second you owned them? The Digitalism controller from The Controller Shop is the ornate, mature version of that old controller design.  The Digitalism controller makes the controller's innards cool again, bringing glam back to circuitry. 

I'm in love with it, basically.

When I see the Wormwood controller from the Controller Shop, I immediately think "Night on Bald Mountain" on acid. 

The Sticker Bomb controller from Evil Controllers feels like a bundle of shenanigans, like a teenage girl busted out her middle school sticker collection and went nuts with her brothers controller. I promise I have never done that. 

It also reminds me of colorful games like Viewtiful Joe and Okami, or even the stickers from Little Big Planet. Bright games with unique mechanics that you might want to play with a matching controller. 

The Midnight controller from Evil Controllers both scares and beckons to me. The neon pink and purple are colors I tend to think of warmly. Yet the shadowy combination on this controller shows that even "girly" colors can be eerie. The more I stare at it, the more mesmerized I am. 

Speaking of cute and creepy, the White Zombie with Pink Xbox One Controller nails both. Considering how many gamers I know who always play as Zoey in Left 4 Dead and love games like Lollipop Chainsaw, I feel the cute and creepy combo has a much larger appeal than you might think. 

Some of the previous controllers have been a little fussy.This Candy Green Carbon Fiber controller from MadModz is a sleek green, with small details that add depth. It comes in several other colors, but green just goes with Xbox, ya know? 

The Pulsefire from Controllers Plus will certainly add some electricity to your daily gaming. You can choose from an array of colors for your lightning, as well as customize the trigger, buttons, and thumbstick, 

Personally, I have my eye on a the purple Pulsefire with my gamertag (k8monstr) blazed into the grip. No one can take a controller with your own name away from you. 

Also from Controller Plus, this Tye-Dye controller is perfect for the hippie-at-heart. 

Sports gamers are often an overlooked and misunderstood bunch, but even they deserve custom controllers. This Baseball Xbox One controller from Acidic Gaming is a step in the right direction, and there are even more sports-themed controllers available. 

It's sometimes weird to imagine that gamers' have interests outside the gaming world. I personally enjoy the heck out of comics (and the Marvel Movie-verse), so it's fun to see this Iron Man controller from Acidic Gaming. They don't have a full set of Avengers, but you can also buy a Hulk-themed controller and a Batman-themed one

Like I mentioned in an about custom PS4 controllers, if you don't like what you see here custom create your own controller! Your imagination is the limit, and you may end up with a masterpiece (or a controller that looks like unicorn poop).