Top 10 things currently killing me in Destiny PvP

From pulse rifles to tripmines, the top ten most common things used to kill me in the Crucible.

Considering the immense amount of options available in Destiny, it isn't too often I get killed by The Next Big Thing, a shotgun I, myself, use. It isn't too often that I witness a Titan Defender throwing down the Ward of Dawn either.

Destiny players seem to gravitate towards the first person shooter side of the game. Rather than test out the variation of weaponry and skills, the way an RPG player would, the majority of gamers grab the most easily accessible, powerful weapons and abilities. These players also tend to stick with those items throughout their entire Destiny experience.

I don't blame players for wanting to be the best and, if it was up to me, I'd make many items equally as deadly so there wouldn't be "overpowered" weapons. The biggest problem with certain popular weapons is their extreme overuse. When you can't complete a crucible match without being slaughtered by the same gun, held by all six of your enemies, there's a problem.

That being said, here are the Top 10 Weapons and Abilities that I most commonly get murdered by when I step into the crucible.

Red Death

It should come as no surprise that the infamous Red Death is part of this list. The exotic pulse rifle has made an appearance in every single crucible game I've played in the last month. That isn't an exaggeration. The crazy thing about Red Death is that there isn't anything in particular that makes it an amazing weapon, apart from the ability to heal upon earning a kill. I suppose it's one of those, "You have to get it, so get it," sort of deals. Until I figure it out, I'll just be quietly over here with my Red Spectre knock off edition...

Hammer of Sol

There are only so many times a person can return to God of War 3 and gouge Helios' eyes out before they go insane. Scarily, I'm nearing this breaking point as every time I get hit with a flaming hammer from hell, I have to go back and kill the guy that gave out those powers in the first place!

Okay, there's no concrete evidence that the god of the sun has anything to do with Destiny's Sunbreaker subclass, but it just feels like the right thing to do. About 1-2 minutes into any crucible match, the whole game becomes hide-and-go-seek with the flaming embodiments of Marvel's Thor

The Hammer of Sol super ability allows Titans to "Summon a flaming hammer and wreak destruction down upon enemies." However, that's not the whole tale. Sunbreakers summon multiple hammers. The hammers are thrown at enemies, and when they reach enemies, or any object in between, they explode with fiery might. Not to mention that other abilities in the subclass' skill tree can make the flying hammers track enemies and create flaming residue. 

At this point, if I see a Titan Sunbreaker all raged out and on fire headed my way, I'm hightailing it out of there.


Someone should let Bungie know that the Warlock Stormcaller subclass could do with a hammer as well. A nerf-hammer.

The Stormtrance super ability allows a Warlock to hover above the ground at astounding speeds, while they fire chain lightning from their hands. Not only are they extremely hard to kill, but they basically evaporate anyone within range.

The fun doesn't stop there. The melee ability, Thunderstrike, has the longest range in the game with bonus skills available that make the range even longer, give the attack the ability to chain damage to another nearby player, and more.

I personally believe that Stormcaller is the most over-powered subclass in all of Destiny. Between a super that's extremely effective in both vanguard and crucible, and an overextended melee attack, Warlocks are a serious force to be reckoned with.

Conspiracy Theory-D

Out of everything on this list, nothing makes me as frustrated as getting killed by this shotgun.

The appeal of the weapon is obvious: tremendous impact. Generally, within shotgun range, this weapon will always be a one shot kill. As far as I've seen, it has a greater impact than any other weapons of similar type. Most shotguns, including my own (The Next Big Thing), demand a two shot kill or a quick one-two (a single shot from the weapon, with a rapid melee follow up). Players that use this weapon (basically everyone), know how powerful it is and won't even stop to confirm their kills.

To make matters worse, the Conspiracy Theory-D is easily accessible. The only requirements are Vanguard rank 3 and a few legendary marks.

1000-Yard Stare

Enter, Conspiracy Theory-D's long range brother. The 1000-Yard Stare is also available at Vanguard rank 3, a very simple prerequisite. This, to me, is the most appealing advantage of this sniper rifle. 

As far as snipers in Destiny go, it doesn't wholly matter which one you use. Every sniper rifle will deliver a headshot, or critical kill, with a single bullet. Most ranged warriors tend to go for those critical hits so they don't need to worry about reacquiring their target. This sniper has very basic, average stats, and the appeal is simply in the ease of access.

If I, personally, was a crucible sniper, I'd go for Tao Hua Yuan, a crucible variant that can be upgraded to 100% range.

The Vertigo

Not to be mistaken with the map Vertigo on Mercury (which I do consistently fall off of, also resulting in my demise), this rocket launcher is available through the Future War Cult Faction.

The appeal for this heavy weapon is most certainly the blast radius, though the velocity and some abilities stand out as well. Blast radius is the statistic of the distance from the impact point of the projectile, where enemies will still take damage. Being one of the highest blast radius weapons in Destiny, The Vertigo doesn't require an accurate hand to use.

Additionally, the velocity, or speed of the rocket itself, is extremely quick and gives opponents less time to dodge the missiles. This bonus speed works hand-in-hand with a special ability the launcher has called "Grenades and Horseshoes." The ability makes the rocket explode as soon as it is within range of a target.


Tripmine Grenade

The Gunslinger Hunter subclass is often overlooked when it is compared to the arc and void subclasses. However, this solar beast does have one trick up his sleeve.

Tripmine grenades are great for a fire-and-forget play style, or for direct use. The final unlockable grenade does tremendous damage, often giving the user an insta-kill. It can be thrown against any surface, where it will lie in wait for enemies, surprising them with a glorious explosion when they find it. As an alternative, I've also been hit in the face with them more times than I can count. As long as the thrower has good accuracy, they will explode on contact, devastating team mates and leaving the victim yelling at their television.

Heavy Swords

The Hunter Bladedancer's Arc Blade super ability was once revered and feared. The character would whip out a knife and run into combat, hacking and slashing. During my first experience dueling an enemy with a Heavy Sword, I thought he was a Bladedancer. I was wrong.

In fact, he was something much, much worse. I fear the Bladedancer subclass will be entirely overlooked now that any class can use a Heavy Sword instead. The swords are much like the Sword of Crota used during the mission on the moon of the same name. Many come with special abilities like hurling waves of arc energy towards enemies, and blocking incoming fire. 

The novelty of seeing "that one guy with the sword" has worn off. Now everybody, Raymond included, is using the heavy weapons. Let's all be glad that they need Heavy Ammo to use them.


Before I did the research to write this article, I was sure Hawksaw was a Year Two Exotic pulse rifle. I realize now that it may just be karma getting back at me. Earlier this month I released a YouTube video where I claimed pulse rifles to be the least effective primary weapons... stupid decision as this is the second pulse rifle on this list.

Hawksaw has a very high rate of fire and stability for a pulse rifle. It is extremely accurate and fast firing. Even though the impact is low, this pulse rifle will still kill an enemy guardian in three or four well-aimed bursts.

Other than the higher than average stats, this weapon isn't that special. The main appeal is probably similar to 1000-Yard Stare. This weapon can be accessed once a player reaches Crucible rank 3 and gives up some of their legendary marks.

Silence of A'arn

Hated by spellcheck almost as much as it is by me, the Silence of A'arn shotgun can be found in a Raid.

The weapon has high impact, much like the Conspiracy Theory-D, but the rest of the stats aren't as good as its counterpart. Essentially, this shotgun is a mini Conspiracy Theory-D. If any players were hoping to get on my hate mail list, I'd suggest that they go for Conspiracy Theory-D rather than this one, unless of course, they win it in a Raid.

The Last Word

No, not the Hand Cannon! Although it almost made the list. 

These ten weapons and abilities are all extremely powerful. However, it is unlikely that Bungie will nerf them due to their immense popularity. My advice to Destiny gamers would be to try out factions. Most weapons appearing here were Vanguard and Crucible variants.

The factions (ex. Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, etc.) have different items to offer than anywhere else in the game and they can really expand a player's appreciation for the size and intricacy of Destiny. Some poor guy had to sit there and design all of those weapons that no one uses! Show him some love. Don't be afraid to be a trendsetter.