Top 10 Video Game Console Mods – Every Gamer’s Dream!

Remember seeing limited edition game consoles in the store? Well, these gamers make their own.
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Imagine having a game console that could play games from four different systems or a console that was themed under your most favorite game. Wouldn't that make you feel more proud to be a gamer? Perhaps. If you've ever wanted to modify your game console, you're not alone. Many gamers modify their systems to look a certain way or to play games from multiple consoles. Some even create game consoles out of regular household appliances! Let's see which game mods were awesome enough to make the top ten countdown.

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10) Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PlayStation 3 by Jriquelme

If you're a fan of Black Ops 2, then you're a fan of this console mod. Complete with red-orange LED lighting and the game's logo, this console is every Call of Duty fan's dream come true. It appears to be a fairly simple modification since everything looks changed only on the surface, but it still is a very nice mod. Now all that's needed is a matching headset.

9) Legend of Zelda NES by Vadu Amka

Belgian artist Vadu Amka revamped a regular, old Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to look like a limited edition game console for The Legend of Zelda. The console resembles a treasure chest and features a shield featuring things like a heart, which are most important in-game. This is ideal for those hard-core Zelda fans, like the late, great Robin Williams, who named his daughter after the princess.

8) The Steampunk GameBoy by Kyle Robinson

Another themed console like the Zelda NES, this original GameBoy looks like it can run off of steam - but it can't. With small gears, wires and pipes, this console has been modified for the Steampunk fans. It could pass as a limited edition Steampunk GameBoy! It'd probably sell for a pretty penny. Too bad it can't run on steam...

7) PlayStation 2 (PS2) Portable by Ben Heck

Ben Heck is one extremely talented individual to have made a portable version of the PlayStation 2! It's the whole system in a smaller format, but it does appear to be pretty bulky. That must be part of the reason why Sony created the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)! Heck goes into great detail on his website about how he transformed one console into a physically new one. It doesn't sound like an easy task, but the outcome looks impressive.

6) Super Nintendo Entertainment Portable (SNEP) by Kotomi

It looks like a Gameboy Advance, but it's not. It's a handheld version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System designed by Kotomi, a French artist who loves modifying game consoles. His blog showcases his extensive projects and past work. Unfortunately, the blog's dates range from November 2005 to June 2009, but that doesn't make this new spin on an old console any less amazing.

5) Handheld Nintendo 64 by Ben Heck

It's a handheld Nintendo 64 (N64)! Designed by modder Ben Heck, this system features all the buttons you need to play any N64 game - minus the directional pad (D-pad) from the original console's controller. Heck mentioned on his site that this particular project was hard for him to make, but he managed to complete it and is able to play it! Job well done.

4) Halo Xbox 360 by Craget

This is an epic homage to both the Xbox console and the Halo game series, to say the least. It's a detailed Halo-themed Xbox 360 complete with rocks, moss, and collector's edition figurines who are hunting one another. All Halo fans would love to have a great console like this! Craget is a talented and creative modder, indeed. Too bad consoles don't come like this when we buy them! They should since they're so expensive.

3) Haze PlayStation 3 by Butterkneter

This has to be the best themed console mod I've come across during my research. Since the game Haze didn't do so well (IGN gave Haze a 4.5 out of 10), this slide is mainly for the detail that went into the making of this console's epic transformation. Butterkneter, a German artist, made this console especially for Ubisoft's game. Butterkneter has also made a bunch of other game console mods and can be found on his official website.

2) NES Purse by Jeri Ellsworth

This one is strictly for the lady gamers! Jeri Ellsworth, also known as Circuit Girl, took a regular, old NES system and morphed it into this really snazzy, portable NES purse! For those female gamers out there who have a love for video games and purses, your gamer prayers have been answered! If you're waiting in line somewhere for a while (the DMV, perhaps), this Nintendo Purse would really come in handy.

1) Super Genintari by Richard DaLuz

This ultimate piece of epic gaming equipment is all a retro gamer needs to have a good time. It's a four-way combination of the Atari 2600, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), and the Sega Genesis. And the best part is that this creation used to be something else entirely! Take a look at the video to find out what Richard DaLuz used to make this one of a kind console.

People take video game consoles to new heights and end up with some pretty amazing creations. Can you believe there's a market for game console modding? It's a cool trend that's been around for the last ten years or so, at least. And as time goes on, the mods will get more and more creative. Who knows what some of the next-gen console mods will look like? Only time will tell!

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