Top 3 Easter Skins in League of Legends

Easter is upon us! Check out the top three Easter skins in League of Legends.

Easter is upon us! Check out the top three Easter skins in League of Legends.
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Easter is here and there is no better way to bring in the holiday than by taking a look at the top three Easter-themed skins in League of Legends! So, without further ado, here are the top (and only) three Easter skins in League.

3. Battle Bunny Riven

Ah, Battle Bunny Riven, the skin that makes you feel sexy and festive at the same time! This skin has to come in last because I am not 100% sure if this skin is actually intended for Easter because, well, bunnies can be involved in depictions other than Easter.

2) Cottontail Teemo

Cottontail Teemo likely deserves the #1 spot on this list because he has so much Easter swag packed into his kit. From Easter eggs to an adorable bunny costume, Cottontail Teemo has it all. At the end of the day, Cottontail Teemo had to take second because he’s often referred to in the League community as Satan. Religious zealots would have my head on a stick if the egg-chucking antichrist of League of Legends took the number one spot.

1) Cottontail Fizz

No champion encompasses the spirit of Easter better than Cottontail Fizz. You get to hop around in a bunny suit and your ultimate ability releases a mutant bunny to devour your enemies. What is even better is that Cottontail Fizz’s splash art (see above) shows his crazy rabbit about to consume Teemo — AKA Satan himself.

Think I missed any Easter skins or have a great idea for a Easter-Themed skin? Let me know in the comments below!


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