Glitches can be helpful, harmful, and funny. But what about the ones that send a chill down your spine?

Top 5 creepiest glitches

Glitches can be helpful, harmful, and funny. But what about the ones that send a chill down your spine?

No game is complete without a few glitches. Some glitches are funny, some are useful, and some are just plain game-breaking. But sometimes glitches are creepy, and you feel like you need to just stay away from the game for a while. It might be haunted. 

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Today, that’s what we’re counting down. Here are some of the creepiest glitches in video games.

Deformed Character Bodies – Super Smash Bros.

People that play Super Smash Bros. know that the game offers hours upon hours of fun. But what happens when your favorite character gets an eerie makeover?

This glitch was discovered last year. Someone posted screenshots of their game, showing off disfigured Nintendo characters. Some parts of their bodies were stretched and bent in odd ways, and other parts of their bodies were flattened into a 2D image. As far as everyone knows, these graphical errors have been fixed – but I wouldn’t blame if the people who experience these glitches haven’t played in a while. It’s pretty nightmarish. 

Freaky Babies – The Sims

When people play The Sims, they expect a nice relaxing time – whether they’re taking care of a little virtual family or killing as many of them in the most creative way possible. Either way, a Sim baby is bound to pop up eventually. Every Sim fan enjoys raising a little tot and watching it grow up – that is if the baby isn’t a demon. 

Toddler Sims sometimes have a model glitch that causes them to stretch and have disfigured limbs. Whether someone messed with the game files or it happened on its own, a lot of Sim players have stumbled upon this glitch once or twice, and it’s all but funny. It seems that this bug can occur in most of the PC games.

Skinless NPCs – Fallout 

The Fallout games seem to have one of the most nightmare-inducing glitches know to man. Whether the glitch was intentional or not, we all have to admit that we were shocked to see these models looking so…exposed.

Each model seems to have guts and bones, just like a real person. That makes this a lot different from other “skinless” bugs we’ve seen (a la Assassin’s Creed: Unity). These glitches are just so shocking that people have a hard time explaining what it is to someone that has never heard of it. Some people who stumble upon this nightmare have to just walk away from the game for a few days and try to forget what they saw. Where’s the eye bleach?

File Chaos -Yandere Simulator

Nothing is better for unwinding after a long day than murdering anime school girls, right? Well with Yandere Simulator that’s possible. Since the game is only 10% complete, people get bored and try messing with the game files to see how much chaos they can create. But sometimes it can backfire.

You can do some serious damage to the game and make the characters look like something straight out of one of your nightmares. From making them disfigured to ‘stealing’ their pupils, it’s safe to say that Yandere-chan goes to a very interesting school.

Monochrome Pokemon – Pokemon X and Y

When Pokemon X and Y first came out, everyone was shocked and excited to discover “Monochrome Pokemon.” These were said to be even rarer than Shiny Pokemon. Only a handful of people had one of these unique and amazing Pokemon. Some people thought their lack of color made them look creepy, and the fact that some of them smiled like their normal counterparts did it made them seem even creepier. Nevertheless, people tried to figure out how to obtain one.

It turned out that these rare Pokemon were nothing more than a graphical glitch. Many people were disappointed when they downloaded an update for the game to find that their monochromes were back to normal. Maybe this would be a cool idea for Nintendo to implement in future games, but maybe not. It’s nice to see Pokemon that don’t have all of the color drained from their bodies, don’t you think?

What kinds of creepy glitches have you seen in the past? What glitch scared you so much that you feel like it should have been a part of this list? Comment below if you think you have one that tops all of these.

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