Top 5 Favorite League of Legends Plays in Week 8 of LCS

Top 5 best plays in week 8 of all League of Legends Championships series!

Top 5 best plays in week 8 of all League of Legends Championships series!
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What makes League of Legends such an amazing eSport to watch is the crazy team fights we see. They can be a victory or loss in mere seconds, regardless of whether the team is up in gold or not.

So, from Week 8 of the LCS worldwide, I present some of my favorite plays and highlights to show. Let’s begin!

SBENU Vs KT: Baron Steal

Ssumday blows shoutcasters minds when he Baron steals right under SSB’s nose. The follow-up is a clear cut escape, but regardless — you gotta hand it to him to have the courage to pull that stunt brilliantly.

Froggen’s Record-Breaking Creep Score

Froggen wow’d the world with a new CS World Record of 764. But let’s be real…it’s Froggen we’re talking about, after all.


In this one clip, we see Fox take CLG for a bumpy ride to their graves. Sadly, Keith wasn’t performing too well in this match-up against CLG. 

Immortals Vs Team Dignitas

We see DIG’s Kirei perform amazing Explosive Cask to knock Huni back for an stunning kill! Always check yourself!

Renegades VS Counter Logic Gaming

REN’s Freeze goes HAM on CLG, knocking DoubleLift out without anyone noticing, and 1v2’s Bjergsen and Svenskeren. Someone is feeling frisky.

This are just my favorite picks, but what are yours? Let me know your favorites below. Be sure to link videos too!

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