Here are the top 5 games that should be brought back by Sony.

Top 5 franchises that Sony should bring back for PS4

Here are the top 5 games that should be brought back by Sony.
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There are many classic games that have a special place in our hearts. These nostalgic titles will always bring back pleasant memories of our childhood and bring a smile maybe even tears of joy to our faces. Sadly these games have remained in the past, for the most part, but it’s about time they make their triumphant return to PlayStation 4. Here are the Top 5 games that Sony should bring back.

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5. Rayman

Rayman is a old fan-favorite as it was fun, silly and just down right a blast to play. The fact that Rayman had no arms, neck or legs and was just a being with a head, hands, torso and feet he was by far one of the weirdest characters to be introduced in the 90’s Attacking enemies from far away with insane punches and flying with his wacky hair is what makes Rayman memorable. Plus the rabids spin-off games are just as fun but nothing beats the original. Rayman is in need of a next-gen comeback as does the next title on the list..

4: Dance, Dance Revolution

DDR is hands down the most irritating yet most fun game to play. Imagine twister but with music and insane to bust dance moves. Great for Friday nights with friends. Although this game is mainly an arcade game, the copies that were sold for home consoles were just as fun if not better as you didn’t feel as highly embarrassed when you get beat by a 4-year-old. Bringing this back for next gen consoles would be a blast as you can incorporate use of the PlayStation camera and a new dance pad that can take the constant abuse of being danced on. This would be an amazingly fun and active game to bring back in full dancing force. Get on it Sony! 

3: Jak & Daxter


Jak and Daxter, one of the greatest tag-teams that Naughty Dog has ever created (The other being Ratchet & Clank but they have seen PS4 and are coming back next year). Jak and Daxter was a great adventure game with stunning worlds, great story and top quality action. These 2 characters could very well be among the greatest duo’s in video game history. That’s really saying something. Plus the fact that the characters grew with us and vice-versa made the connection to the series all that more meaningful. Bring these 2 back please, they have to return with a brand new journey likes we have never seen before!

2: Crash Bandicoot

Do I need to say anything? Im pretty sure the title says it all. Crash was the craziest and wackiest game that many gamers have ever played. Spinning around, crushing boxes, wearing masks for powers and just a wild story. This seemingly nonsensical game was one of the fondest memories that i have as far as gaming goes. It was one of the first games i ever played on PlayStation and i think i can safely speak for everyone that he desperately needs a new game for PlayStation 4. Seeing Crash in HD with his silly self would be a childhood dream come true!

Last but not even close to least….

1: Spyro the Dragon


Spyro the Dragon was by far the best game I have ever played as a kid. Running around as a dragon saving the realm from evil villains such as Ripto was awesome! Spyro had vast worlds to travel and explore, a variety of enemies and many dragon abilities to learn and master. Finding all the captured dragons was the ultimate pain in the a** but it was so rewarding when you found them all. This is one series that needs a reboot for PS4 like now! I know that I’m not alone on this, as Spyro has fallen from grace and has become (to my knowledge) a lame Skylander. Spyro needs to regain his place in PlayStation history as the coolest and most bada** little dragon in gaming history. 

This was my list of Top 5 games that Sony should bring back, what are your thoughts on this? Do you have your own list? If so mention it in the comments below, us gamers need to stick together and remember the games that got us into gaming in the first place!

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