Top 5 Games for Channeling & Changing Your Feelings

Don't turn to drugs; turn to games!

Emotions are very important to us as human beings. Throughout the day, we experience a range of emotions (even if we’re just watching T.V all day). That is why game developers create different games to tailor to our various emotional needs. Have you ever played just one game for the whole day? Maybe you have, if it was a new game that you’ve been waiting for, but I tend to switch games throughout the day, without really thinking about why. 

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Here are some game ideas for you if you have ever found yourself sitting there, looking at your list of games and thinking, “what should I play?” First, consider how you feel. Are you anxious? Happy? Sad? Angry? Bored? Once you’ve identified your emotion, take a look at this list. 

If you’re anxious, play something that will calm you down.


Suggestion: Little Big Planet 

Whether you’re looking to wind down after a long day of work, want to get your mind off something that’s bothering you, or waiting for a response from that special someone about a date tonight, this is the perfect game to distract you and immerse you in a happy little fantasy world. And remember, you’re not alone. Create a world of your own or play in worlds others have created. Garaunteed to put a smile on your face with these adorable Sackboys! Choose from PS3, PSP, and PS Vita and let your imagination run wild. 

You’re perfectly happy. Let’s play a game…

Suggestion: F.E.A.R 

It may not make much sense when you first think about it, but what better time to feel scared than when you’re in a good mood? A little thrill keeps the heart beating, elevating your emotions. A mix of fiction and non-fiction when it comes to killing with the weapons available, this game is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat. You’ll be so happy everytime you pass a level, promise. Play with your friends and share the fear on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Feeling sad? Don’t fret, there’s a game for that!

Suggestion: Minion Rush 

Okay, so you’re feeling kind of down and no amount of chocolate, comedy movies, or talking to friends seems to be working. Grab your iPhone/Android device and get to the App store! Who can resist these adorable little Minions? Just looking at their cheery faces makes me smile. Whiz through colourful levels filled with bananas, laughing minions and unicorns. Hop on the happy train of Minions!

When anger strikes, there’s few who escape your wrath.


Suggestion: Battlefield 

Had a bad day? Co-workers pissing you off? Parents won’t leave you alone? The list goes on. Our lives are filled with constant daily frustrations and there’s many choices as to how to deal with them, some healthier than others. FPS’s relieve that anger through violence against others, without actually hurting anyone. The Battlefield games even let you play multiplayer, so grab another angry friend and team up on strangers on the PC, Mac, PS2, PS3, Xbox, or Xbox 360. 

When boredom sets in, keep a console near you.

Suggestion: Diablo

Here’s the top emotion we feel, especially during summer (for those of us who have no jobs or part-time jobs and it’s too hot to go outside): boredom. So rather than going out and drinking (and shortening the life-span of your liver), why not engage yourself in a game which will eat up your time like a termite consuming wood. Collect all the best weapons, armour and random items for no reason, play online with your friends who also have nothing else to do, and don’t forget to stand up and stretch once in a while! Your computer or console won’t miss you…too much.

There you have it! A game for every mood. They may not be exactly the games you’d want to play, but at least now you have an idea of what you can play given your mood. Don’t waste time wondering when you could be playing! 

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