Top 5 Gaming Desks on a Budget – Every Gamer Deserves One!

Have you ever dreamt of a place where you can put all of your gaming accessories within arm's reach? News flash - it's called a gaming desk!

I had no idea gaming desks existed...but they do! They're built to help gamers reach everything they need, using the smallest amount of energy possible. After all, we're busy gaming, right?

This gaming desk, the Atlantic Gaming Desk, is ideal in that it accommodates and elevates a larger monitor above the traditional laptop area, it has plenty of space for all kinds of different gaming accessories, and even has cup holder capabilities! It's on, runs for about $100, and it's very highly rated . All you need is a perfect gaming chair to go along with it!

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This desk, the Walker Edison Soreno three-piece Corner Desk, doesn't have as much space for other gaming accessories (or even cups!), but it does have space for more than one laptop or monitor and is equipped with a traditional movable drawer for your keyboard. You can place any and all of your gaming accessories anywhere you like - it's like two desks put together! 

This gaming desk is also available on and runs about $120-$200.

For those of you who are more game-console-inclined rather than PC-game-inclined, this might be a great "gaming desk" for you! The Atlantic Gaming Storage and TV Stand, which is available on, runs for about $66 and puts just about everything from controllers to consoles in a safe place away from your floor. We're gamers, so we spend more money on games than on gaming equipment like this, but you can always make your gaming equipment work on a budget!

This Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk, which runs for about $159 on, looks like the desks from the first and second slides combined. There's a space to elevate a larger monitor for better viewing, there's the corner design which means there's plenty of space to put your gamer belongings, and there's also a nice space for your keyboard! What's not to like?

The Techni Mobili L-shaped Glass Computer Desk, which is $225 on, is yet another potential gaming desk that can fit everything your organized gaming heart desires. There's no elevated platform for an additional monitor, but it provides enough space to fit your games, your accessories, a plate of food, a cup of your favorite drink and then some!

And remember: you can always create your own gaming desk! Whether you know about carpentry, furniture design or not, getting all your gaming essentials that make you most comfortable will enhance your overall gaming experience. Comfortable and accommodating is key, but whatever you decide for your gaming set-up, it's bound to be exactly what you're looking for!

What does your gaming desk/set-up consist of?

Similar in layout to the last two, but sporting a lighter color scheme that takes up less 'visual space' this L-Shaped Computer Work Station by Techni Mobili has plenty of space, but still leaves your room looking spacious.

The only gripe with this layout is that it looks like you have to have your keyboard in the left segment, which means that dual or triple monitor gamers may have a tough time gaming without getting a kink in their necks.

Available on for around $120.

So far all the desks have been black or metal finish, if you're looking for something a little warmer, this L Shaped Mahogany Desk by Techni Mobili may be up your alley. It comes at a bit higher price (around $200 on Amazon) but it also has a platform to cradle your desktop tower and a built in monitor stand. It looks like a classy escapee from the Starship Enterprise, so that alone might be worth the extra few bucks.

For those with less space or looking to spend less money, this compact computer cart is available for just around $80 (yet again, on Amazon) and comes with a nearly 5 star rating from over 200 reviewers.

A smaller gaming desk to be sure, this one may work in dorms or apartments where more expansive models just won't fit.

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