Top 5 Stealth Games from the Last Gen (Xbox 360/PS3)

A list of the top 5 stealth games for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. You can thank me later.

Ah, stealth. One of, if not, my favorite gaming genres. It's all about staying in the dark, keeping to the shadows and remaining silent as you wait for your prey to obliviously walk in your direction, only to realise you're there waiting for him in the corner. 

Those kinds of moments really get your blood pumping don't they? Some games just do it better than others; maybe they do it through superior gameplay mechanics or mission design. Whatever the case, I highlight some of the best stealth games across PC and Consoles in this article. 

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Dishonored was sort of a dark horse coming out. I never really knew what the game was about and never really expected much from it. Perhaps that's why I, and many other gamers alike, were pleasantly surprised when Dishonored turned out to be one of the more excellent stealth experiences in gaming.

Combining sick powers like teleporting, spawning rats to kill people for you and an open world filled with possibilities, Dishonored earns its keep on this list. 

Hitman Absolution

This one's a no-brainer. The whole foundation of the Hitman franchise is based on stealth. Especially Absolution and Blood Money. 

The whole aura and vibe that you get playing a Hitman game is akin to being a stealthy modern-day ninja in a fine suit. The best part about the Hitman games is the sheer area that the missions take place and also the difficulty to pull of a satisfying assassination. There are plenty of ways to kill your mark be it poison, or luring him into a quiet corner. Way to go Agent 47. 

Splinter Cell Series

For many many years now, the name Sam Fisher has grown synonymous with excellent stealth. Splinter Cell is definitely going to be on this list with its smart and innovative stealth gameplay.

Going from an open world approach to your missions in Double Agent to a more linear experience, but with the same level of difficulty and satisfaction in Conviction and Blacklist, Splinter Cell rightfully earns it's name as one of the best stealth games of all time. 

Mark of the Ninja

At the time, the realm of stealth games were dominated by AAA titles such as Hitman and Splinter Cell. It was quiet rare to see an indie game that was purely focused on stealth. 

Which is probably why Mark of the Ninja came as a pleasant surprise when I played it. You might think "well, it's probably on this list just because it's an indie game" but you're wrong. Mark of the Ninja is an indie game, and it's a damn good stealth game at that. Your character is smart but your enemies are even smarter. Sticking to the shadows and avoiding enemies is key and is rewarded.

What makes this game really amazing is how much of the pure stealth gameplay can be packed into a 2D world. I hope it has a sequel. 

Last of Us

Say what you want, but Last of Us has a great stealth mechanic even though it's not technically considered a stealth game. Killing bloodthirsty runners, distracting clickers, and avoiding boomers entirely are all extremely fun (not to mention scary) things to do. 

I love the focus on stealth in this game. Rarely do I play a stealth game where I'm actually afraid of the enemies I'm about to face. And slipping past them and ignoring them entirely feels amazingly satisfying. 

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