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Top 5 Things Every MMO Should Have

Everyone has something they'd like to do. It just may not be in the real world.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Nowadays MMO’s are pretty common, and they seem to do the same things. Some are really fun and let you try new things, while others just copy from other MMO’s without bringing anything new to the table. Regardless, most modern MMO’s lack things that I believe are fundamental to MMO’s, which is living in another world. Here are the top five things that, in my opinion of course, should be incorporated into every MMO.

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#5, Player Housing

Whether it’s a house, ship, or something else, players should be able to have a place to call their own. They should be able to customize the look of their place inside and out that expresses who they are. Also, guilds should have a place they can call home. This extends beyond just choosing a place in the game to hangout, it should be a place only the player or guild has access to, but can invite people. Giving players a place to call home only makes them want to log in more.

The guild halls of Everquest 2 is what more MMO’s should do.

#4, Activities

Sometimes you just want to relax and unwind after a busy or stressful day. Give players that option in the game. Maybe I just want to chill at a tavern or bar and drink. Or take on  a side mission to collect a bounty. I’d also like to make some extra cash with my given profession. Making these activities available to players might entice them to play more. The more freedom players have to do what they want, the more they feel like they’re living in an actual world, that’s constantly changing.

#3, Meaningful Exploration

Most MMO’s allow you to explore the world, space, etc., but most of the time there is no point. Sure I can see a forest or the sea, or maybe even see a new area I haven’t previously discovered, but is it worth it? After I’ve seen the world, what’s left? If things are constantly constantly, when can I have a new experience when I log in? If I know exactly what to expect when I go off “exploring”, then you’re doing it wrong.

#2, Character Customization

This is an MMO after all. I should be able to choose exactly what my player looks like and wants to do. I should have as much control over the kind of character I want to create as possible. From hair and skin color, to the types of clothes and weapons I use. What defines my character should be at least slightly unique to me.

City of Heroes/City of Villains had some of the best character creation options.

#1, FUN!

A lot of modern MMO’s seem to miss this one. Whether I’m leveling a character, doing daily activities, or competing against other players, I should actually have fun while doing it! There is so much grind in modern MMO’s, it’s ridiculous. My “dailies” shouldn’t feel like chores and forced, they should be activities I do because I want to and because they are fun. I shouldn’t level up another character or even my first and just try to rush to endgame. I should enjoy experiencing and growing with my character along the way. Coming up with new ways, or revolutionizing old ways to make me enjoy logging on to the game and not feel like I have to. Player versus Player should be this way as well. My purpose in playing MMOs it should not be about getting the best gear. I should actually enjoy every match just for the sake of competing against others. If there is no more gear for me to obtain and therefore I stop playing, then that means the game is not fun, plain and simple.

This is how I feel about most modern MMO’s

I could go on and on about what I believe every MMO should have, but these five points cover most of it. I’ve played a lot of MMO’s and they never quite have the whole package I’m looking for. Some games have things that I love, but are missing parts that I might see in another game. I may just be a dreamer in hoping that one day I can play an MMO that embodies all the aspects that I want, but I feel modern MMO’s can still do a better job and making me feel like I’m living in their world.


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