Top 5 WTF moments from E3 2016

E3 provided its fair share of big moments. One phrase can sum up many of those moments. WTF is uttered quite a bit when it comes to video games.

E3 2016 brought with it a huge number of notable moments, as usual. The conference showed off plenty of beautiful looking, brand-new games that surely has instilled excitement. From the biggest of moments to the smallest announcement, many of the moments can be summed up with a simple WTF. Whether it was a good WTF or a bad WTF, plenty of people were uttering the phrase while watching E3 unfold.

So without further ado, here are the top 5 WTF moments from E3 2016. 

5. Fallout 4 VR for HTC Vive

Either the biggest or second biggest (for those of you who like Batman) VR announcement of the entire E3 conference was the bombshell that Fallout 4 would be a fully functioning VR title for the HTC Vive. This was an absolute shocker and had people freaking out about truly the biggest and best full fledged VR game imaginable. Bethesda could have stopped at the Skyrim Remaster announcement, but they decided ‘eh what the heck, lets give them a heart attack’.

The thought of walking up to a deathclaw in power armor, hitting it with a wooden plank and running away is exhilarating and frightening at the same time. Truly a WTF moment if there ever was one because of how surprising it was. Bethesda gets another tip of the cap and, quite possibly, the most shocking WTF of the conference.

4. Star Wars update from EA

Time for the bad WTF moment, so let's get it out of the way.

Let me start by saying: I LOVE Star Wars. I probably love it more than you ever could imagine, so don’t come at me for being a Star Wars hater. With that said....

What the actual f*ck, EA?

Was this a joke? A sick ploy to instill some false hope that maybe one of the trillion Star Wars games you have announced will release sometime in the next decade? At the very least, you could have shown off the Bespin DLC content for Star Wars Battlefront, but I guess even that was too much.

EA has so much riding on Star Wars based games, and they came out flat at the biggest conference of the year. They would have been better off showing nothing at all than what they did end up showing -- which was a few concept images and one small gameplay clip where if you were watching. You could have blinked and missed it. This is a bad WTF moment if there ever was one.

3. Death Stranding

This is truly a great WTF moment because it was just so weird -- and yet, it isn’t even the weirdest moment from a game at E3. Hideo Kojima came out to announce his new game Death Stranding at the Sony conference, and what followed was 3 minutes and 31 seconds of pure WTF from none other than Norman Reedus.

That’s right, Sony threw a blank check at Kojima and he decided the best thing to do was get Darryl Dixon naked and holding a baby. The life of a genius must be pretty great.

Jokes aside, naked Norman and his baby/oil/baby oil (?) sure did stir up a lot of questions. Kojima did get people talking about his brand new game for Sony -- and that in and of itself is an accomplishment. People want to know more about the symbolism of the trailer and the name of the game. This was a pleasantly weird WTF moment from one of the greatest minds in video game history.

2. We Happy Few

Mark this under games I simply CAN’T WAIT to play. We Happy Few looks like the LSD experience gamers never asked for -- and boy does it look trippy.

Set in an alternate reality 1960’s, in the fictional town of Wellington Wells, We Happy Few is straight out of the Twilight Zone. Imagine Fallout 4 on drugs, and you get We Happy Few. The characters in the game are literally on a drug called Joy that suppresses unhappy memories. The game pretty much plays out like a bad acid trip and it is delightfully disturbing.

This wasn’t just a WTF moment like Death Stranding; this is a full-fledged game worthy of being titled WTF. The best part is that, unlike the games previously mentioned, We Happy Few will hit Steam Early Access and Xbox Preview on July 26, 2016, which is right around the corner. Get ready to say WTF for an entire playthrough of We Happy Few.

1. Bethesda Lady

Ending on a light-hearted WTF moment, I introduce to you Bethesda Lady. Bethesda Lady simply had way too much caffeine before Bethesda’s E3 conference and caught a case of the Ric Flair. Wooing through the entire conference, Bethesda Lady became determined to be the loudest and proudest Betheda fan in the room. Boy did she prove it, because there is an entire video of her freaking out throughout the conference.


Listen for yourself in the video above, you will hear the intense overreaction to everything Bethesda announced from one woman willing to be that annoying. I almost feel as if somebody should check to see if she is still breathing, because she might have celebrated herself into a happy little coma. Bethesda Lady, you are the biggest WTF moment from E3 2016.

What were your WTF moment's from this year's E3? Let me know in the comments!