Top 7 Video Game Recipes

You've bought the items in your favorite video games, maybe you've won them! Now it's time to chow down IRL with the Top Seven Video Game Recipes!

My two main loves have always been video games and cooking. Around the holidays and year-round, California’s house is the place to be as I often cook up delectable goodies for whoever happens to be LANning at the house and enjoying my extensive arcade. Today I’m going to bring my love of gaming and food together with a list of my favorite and wildest, top seven video game themed recipes.

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Super Mario – 1-up Burger

Onion, mushroom and pancake mix? Offers you an additional life. Click the link above to get the recipe. 

Portal – The Cake is a Lie

To Portal fans, this recipe needs no introduction. The cake is a lie. 

ChristMMOs: League of Legends – Eggnog Health & Mana Potions

Wasn’t I just talking about the holidays? What better way then to dress up some plain looking eggnog and replenish your mana!

Dark Souls – Dung Pie

Dark Souls was a favorite of many I spoke with at PAX East. Comedic and delicious, come and eat some Dung Pie. 

Resident Evil – T-Virus and Antidote

If you’re familiar with you’ll know they offer up some of the coolest drink recipes ever, and they are all video game themed! We found this really cool recipe for the T-virus and Antidote on their blog.

Halo Reach Moa Burger (With Mountain Dew Energy Sauce)

I know what you’re thinking, two burgers? This Halo Reach burger actually has Mountain Dew sauce! A total and complete ode to gamers.

Zelda Heart Energy Potion 

This just looked like fruit punch to me, but seriously? It’s actually sangria and it’s alcoholic. How cute is he dressed up as Link? Recipe found in the YouTube Video Description.

Nom. Nom. Nom.

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