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As Nintedo fans worldwide seek solace during the amiibo famine, some have taken to personalizing the figurines for pleasure and/or profit.

Top 9 custom Amiibo mods

As Nintedo fans worldwide seek solace during the amiibo famine, some have taken to personalizing the figurines for pleasure and/or profit.
This article is over 9 years old and may contain outdated information

We all know misery loves company, so after failing to obtain the amiibo that I wanted, I took to seeing what others have been doing with theirs. I've got to say, there is some serious talent among the collectors.

Without further ado, here are nine personalized amiibo mods that are far more awesome than any old unicorn-tier Wii Fit Trainer – in my opinion, of course.

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Paper Mario and Paper Luigi

by NBros

These little guys are first because they are what inspired me to set up this list. Not only are they spot on representations of the brothers' paper personas, but they are confirmed to actually work as regular Mario and Luigi amiibo figures. I loved the first two Paper Mario games, so I couldn't help but feature these.

Side note: I was actually hoping for Paper Mario to make his Smash debut in these latest installments – would have taken him over Dr. Mario any day.

Mario Bros. Pikachu

by Luap Land

This is exactly what would happen if Team Rocket kidnapped Ash for a change. I can see it already~ The Pika Bros. fending off an army of Diglett and Squirtle to save their beloved trainer... but, of course, he was in another Rocket Hideout. Final boss? Genetically modified Charizard-Blastoise hybrid. So, Bowser.

Seriously though, these two are hilarious. Pikachu has always been a great candidate for dress-up, seeing as it never looks bad in a hat. Just add a killer mustache and the swagger levels are over 9,000. 

Galacta Knight

by sunnydeng

Galacta Knight is basically hot pink Meta Knight with angel wings. Seeing as this amiibo very easily manages that much, it gets an A+. The only thing this custom lacks is the detailing on the shield, which, considering how kick-ass it looks otherwise, is negligible.

Take a moment to truly appreciate the intimidation factor of this one. They don't call him "The Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy" for nothing.

Captain Falcon Mega Man

by Grizzly_Nair

The quote that preceded this image was: "I can't have captain falcon, so I made my own." We all know Falcon isn't human – judging by Lucina's reaction to him in their Smash reveal trailer – so this fusion strikes me as way more legit than just a recolor. For those who are interested, Grizzly is willing to customize your own Mega Man amiibo.

"And with Captain Falcandroid slain, Mega Man has acquired the Falcon Punch! Now proceed on your maverick hunting journeys!" 

Fighting Polygon Team Samus

by eggofficial

You know that feeling when you didn't know you wanted something to happen, but it already did? That's me with this amiibo. The craftsmanship on this is out of this world. And like many other custom amiibo, this one is fully functional – though as regular purple Samus. 

Now I can't help but wish that every fighter from the Smash debut cast had their original polygon doppelgänger as a reskin. I would've played the mess out Poly Kong and Polypuff.

Rosalina & Polari

by Luifex

LuAnne Boudier went van Gogh all over this Rosalina amiibo, and the result is absolutely stunning. The detailing on Rosalina's dress is insane, with flecks of red, green, and blue scattered throughout. The swirls and streaks really emphasize the cosmic theme.

Beyond Rosalina proving that fashion is an art, this amiibo showcases Polari instead of any old Luma. I like my Luma how I like my coffee. Besides, I've had a soft spot for Polari ever since Super Mario Galaxy. And I hate the color yellow.

Starry Night Pikachu

by Evilos

Alright, so I have a thing for starry nights. There's just something really cool about this custom. Though the original featured an all-black matte finish, Evilos went on to create glossy ruby, sapphire, and emerald variants. The Gen III set looks amazing, with emerald being my personal favorite.

And because it's never not too soon, this made me imagine Ash and Pikachu sharing a Lion King moment under the stars. Whether Ash is then petrified or Pikachu bursts into stardust is your choice. Man, am I mean.

Akuma Yoshi

by onincognito

Any Smash players who play Street Fighter have probably noticed something familiar about Yoshi's victory poses. One of them features Yoshi turning his back to the player in a very similar manner to Akuma, which, even before Ryu's reveal, felt strangely canon.

Though the pose has been a running gag in fanart for a while now, this amiibo is particularly dope. It isn't even finished yet, but the volcanic base coupled with Yoshi's furrowed brow-lids already gives off an intense vibe. Now go forth and canonize Yoshi as the Mesozoic demon that he is.

Rosalemo & Glooma

by Stephen David Plant

"She’s just in a very dark place right now."

I cried the most confused tears of laughter when I first saw this. It's very Tim Burton-esque and also has a definitive 2-D charm to it. Then there's the look on Glooma's face, which is priceless. Of all the custom amiibo I've seen, this one was the most successful at being the furthest from expected.

On a side note, I'd take this pair over Rosalina & Luma on one condition... Can we invert Glooma's colors to make it look more like Polari?

Have you seen any cool custom amiibo recently? Feel free to share what they were and who made them in the comments below!

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