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Top 10 Best Five Nights at Freddy’s Fan Games to Try

Explore more Five Nights at Freddy's content through fan games that expand the already massive game universe!

The universe of Five Nights at Freddy’s doesn’t end with the official games, or books, or the upcoming movie. Love for this series is so strong, that there exist an abundance of fan made games that contribute to the world of Fazbear Entertainment and its mysteries. Here’s a list of the top 10 best FNAF fan games to try.

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Top 10 Best Five Nights at Freddy’s Fan Games to Try

All of these FNAF fan games are free to play, and multiple entries have become their own series with sequels continuing the fun (and horror). As per series creator Scott Cawthon, all fan games are technically canon, meaning each of these are firmly within in the FNAF universe.

10. The Webs of Cogs and Oil

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The Webs of Cogs and Oil features a set of minigames. They don’t have much in terms of story, but the gameplay feels similar to Sister Location. The Trickster minigame, for example, forces you to pay attention to audio cues like footsteps. But there are Jack-in-the-Boxes that mimic sounds as well, making it difficult to know if it’s the Trickster or a mimic. For this minigame, you need to use your flashlight with a limited battery to stop the Trickster and keep him from running off your screen. 

The other minigames are similar where they take one or two mechanics that work to keep you stressed. Such as The Corpse, where you need the temperature to stay above 30 and the lights on. But cranking the lights to power them, lowers the temperature, which forces you to turn your back on the Corpse to raise the temp. Overall, The Webs of Cogs and Oil makes great use of simple mechanics to stress you out and keep you on edge while you wait out the time limit. In FNAF fashion, the minigame gets harder as the timer gets closer to 0. You can download The Webs of Cogs and Oil here.

9. Fredbear’s Fright

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In Fredbear’s Fright, the old Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza has been turned into an attraction with the original animatronics included. You play as a security guard in the office from the first game, and gameplay similar as well with the doors, lights, and security camera set-up. The movement begins earlier than in FNAF, with animatronics becoming a threat as early as 2A a.m. on Night 1.

Other features that make it different from FNAF 1 include a vent instead of two doors, backgrounds that show the age and lack of repairs to the old restaurant, cameras going offline for the night, and you have a lever that pours water on animatronics to mess up their wiring. All of this creates a fan game that feels true to the original FNAF, but with its own twist on the story and new mechanics and secrets. You can download Fredbear’s Fright here.

8. Aftonbuilt

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Aftonbuilt takes place in Afton Robotics, where you play as a mechanic. You’re tasked with rebuilding William Afton as an animatronic in exchange for control over life itself. Since you’re using pieces of old animatronics that were haunted by Afton’s victims, they aren’t thrilled to become part of his new body. This gives you a story that’s unsettling depending on how much you know about the FNAF universe’s history.

Gameplay has a more free-roam style, and that means jump scares and chase sequences to keep you on your toes instead of managing a power supply, cameras, and doors or vents. While the cutscenes play like storyboard images, the gameplay itself feels fairly smooth. You can download Aftonbuilt here.


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POPGOES keeps the classic gameplay style of the first FNAF. However, you have a Panic Meter that leads to hallucinations and a much closer view of the security cameras. As in, you can jump to the camera’s view and move it back and forth from that angle. This view is particularly unsettling with the party room where the animatronic band is on stage.

To keep your panic meter down, you need to look out a window. And that adds its own amount of horror because when you’re lowering your panic, you can’t see if the animatronics are moving or keep track of where they are since you can’t constantly monitor the cameras. This game was brought into the official Fanverse by Scott Cawthon, and POPGOES even has its own fan games. You can download POPGOES here.

6. CHASE: Animatronics

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CHASE: Animatronics is FNAF meets Pac-Man. Each character has a different trait. Freddy likes to chase you. Bonnie likes to trap you. Chica likes to cut you off. Foxy likes to be left alone. Your goal is to collect all the coins of the level while avoiding the animatronics. You have a flashlight that can stun the animatronics, and you can pick up pizzas and sodas for power ups.

In the end, this is a reskin of Pac-Man. Although, it’s a well done classic twist that combines two games that I wouldn’t have considered pairing. You can download CHASE: Animatronics here.

5. Tealerland

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Tealerland has point-and-click style gameplay, but the premise is rather unique. Instead of monitoring animatronics, you need to lure them into storage rooms at the closed Tealerland Amusement Park. The graphics include backgrounds done in a unique art style that relies heavily on grayscale coloring outside the storage area to add to the abandoned feeling of the amusement park. Then, the inside has color, but they still have a washed-out style. 

Naturally, the other animatronics don’t give you the time to assemble your own animatronic to use as a lure. This means you’ll need to hide and avoid them while working, or face a classic FNAF style jump scare. Overall, this fan game could’ve been released as its own title given the amount of effort that went into making it a polished, scary experience. You can download Tealerland here.

4. Dayshift at Freddy’s

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Usually, FNAF games take place at night. Well, Dayshift at Freddy’s puts you on the staff as a daytime employee in 1987. What seems like a regular summer job quickly turns dark when you meet William Afton in the form of Purple Guy, who asks you to lure kids back to the storage room to kill them, like he did at the original location.

Since the gameplay is similar to a visual novel where you select dialogue options, the tasks aren’t hard. As such, Dayshift at Freddy’s focuses on storytelling, and that story spirals into darkness quickly. You can download the Dayshift at Freddy’s trilogy here.

3. Five Nights at Treasure Island (Oblitus Casa)

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Five Nights at Treasure Island has changed a lot between its demo version from nearly a decade ago and the final version. Even in its earlier days, FNATI (as it’s often called) was popular enough to create its own series, releasing multiple fan games within this universe that’s based on FNAF. The latest game for this series is FNAF Oblitus Casa, and like the previous ones, instead of Freddy Fazbear, this game features classic Disney characters, namely Mickey Mouse. 

Oblitus Casa starts strong with a tape talking about murders that happened in the first game, and right away, you see images of the broken Disney Animatronics with their horrifying appearances flashing in front of your eyes on occasion. You have the classic cameras to monitor rooms, but it’s hard to tell how much is real and how much is in your head. This lends to a properly scary game that has earned its popularity in the FNAF community. You can download Five Nights at Treasure Island here.

2. A Shadow Over Freddy’s

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A mix of free roam and point-and-click, A Shadow Over Freddy’s starts with you waking up in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza without memories. However, you know that you need to leave before the shadows of this abandoned place come to get you. The setting is much darker, which makes it easy to get lost since your vision is limited to your flashlight.

Between the story and atmosphere, this fan game might be scarier than the official FNAF games. To add to the horror, it’s much harder to predict when jump scares are coming versus the games where you use cameras to monitor animatronic movement. Overall, this fan game feels like a labor of love that honors the original content while making it a new experience. You can download A Shadow Over Freddy’s here.

1. The Joy of Creation

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This fan game has actually been remastered, so I’ll be referring to the remaster here. You play as Scott Cawthon’s family trying to survive the night with animatronics trying to break in. Of the fan games listed, this might also be the hardest.

There’s a lot to keep track of in The Joy of Creation. You need to keep closing the curtains when Freddy appears in the window outside. Or for Bonnie, you need to have the light off and sit behind the crib. In addition, there’s a sanity element that makes you hallucinate. And you can be jump scared by multiple animatronics one after another if they weren’t dealt with. It might be on the harder side, but it’s a polished game that makes you feel proud of surviving the nights. You can download The Joy of Creation here.

And that concludes our top 10 best Five Nights at Freddy’s fan games to try. There’s always new ones being created and shared, but some of the earliest fan games continue to be the most popular. From here, check out our ranking of the official FNAF games or the best FNAF Roblox games.

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