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Top 10 Best Minecraft Taiga Biome Seeds

There's something cozy about Taiga biomes. Here are the 10 best Taiga seeds we could find for Minecraft.

The Taiga biome is a lush, dense forest that has some of the best village designs. If that’s what you’re looking for, we’ve compiled the 10 best Minecraft Taiga Biome seeds.

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10 Best Minecraft Taiga Biome Seeds

Seed: 1661309399

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Spawn: 2,-5

This Taiga biome is on the smaller side. What makes it stand out is the giant mountain that is just on the edge of it. There are also multiple hills that the trees grow on that look stunning. If you want a more natural and simple Taiga biome, this is the one for you.

Seed: -3129949476688079469

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Spawn: -180, -165

This seed is pretty basic for a Taiga biome, but what I like about it is that it spawns you right next to some pumpkins. There are also a few birch trees sprinkled about. Although there is no village, which is the main draw of the Taiga biome, the unique scenery is worth the trade.

Seed: 3628892002922648300

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Spawn: -88, -30

One of the most appealing features of Taiga biomes are the villages. They’re my favorite type, and this seed puts one right on a beautiful lakefront. I love the contrast of the orange of the grass next to the blue water.

Seed: 200097

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Spawn: -25, -2

I’m all about a good view. Right behind the Taiga village is a towering mountain in the middle of the ocean, which is breathtaking. I’ve always been a big fan of huge mountains, so having one right in your backyard is a big plus.

 Seed: -8731916727517970391

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Spawn: -10, 1

This Taiga village is located right on the hillside. The small cove and rolling hills give it a nice, cozy feeling that’s perfect for a permanent settlement. I like this seed because the village is hidden in the trees, making for a more natural look.

Seed: -2184245819229053691

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Spawn: 3, 40

This seed places a mansion right in the middle of the village. The construction and colors match the houses well, making it a perfect fit that doesn’t stand out too much. There are also some giant mushrooms on the hillside that add some flair to the scenery.

Seed: 3598728236

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Spawn: 4, -7

You’ll spawn in the middle of a giant Taiga biome. A little ways away, you’ll find a village surrounded by a dense forest that looks great. This can be hard to spot, but again, I love how it blends into the scenery of the forest.

 Seed: -1925336083591607937

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Spawn: -166, -255

This seed is similar to the previous one, where you’ll find a village right by spawn. However, this village grows pumpkins, which is always a plus since you can make a Golem. Outside of this village there isn’t much else besides the ocean.

Seed: -23656888

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Spawn: -1, -5

If you like mining, this is the Taiga biome for you. You’ll spawn right next to a giant cave on the side of a hill ripe for exploring. It’s filled with resources you can mine that’ll help you start your journey right away.

Seed: 288666951

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Spawn: 4, 7

This is by far the most unique Taiga village on the list. Most of the biome is on top of a tall mountain, but the village is in the water at the bottom. The towering cliffs and waterfall make a beautiful backdrop behind the village.

Those are the 10 best Minecraft Taiga biome seeds! For more seeds and guides, check out our dedicated MC guides hub.

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