Top 10 Scariest Five Nights at Freddy’s Animatronics

These animatronics are meant to terrify you, but which are the scariest in the world of FNAF?

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At the center of Five Nights at Freddy’s is the set of animatronics that show up throughout the games. While some look innocuous enough, others are terrifying and get your heart racing when they pop up. Here’s our list of the 10 scariest FNAF animatronics.

10 Scariest Five Nights at Freddy’s Animatronics

If you pay attention to the story, these animatronics move because most are possessed by the spirits of children. Some endings result in their tortured souls being freed, regardless, they’re all terrifying and dangerous while detained in the wires and bolts of their animatronics.

10. Glitchtrap

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Glitchtrap makes its appearance in FNAF: Help Wanted, because somebody thought it’d be a good idea to digitalize the consciousness of a serial killer. Naturally, this results in William Afton becoming more-or-less a computer virus capable of infecting technology. As you might expect, he uses this to his advantage to scare others. Although, the most frightening part of Glitchtrap is his ability to take over Vanessa through the use of a mask in FNAF: Security Breach. If he was used more than Vanny in that game, he may have made it higher on the list. For now, the threat of what a digital Afton could do is enough to put him here.

9. The Marionette

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The Marionette has a simple design with its mask and black and white body. However, that simplicity might be what makes it scary. It first appears in FNAF 2, but later you learn its story. This makes it scary when it’s after you, but tragic since it seems to be trying to protect children so no more are killed. Charlotte Emily, one of Afton’s first victims, possesses the Marionette, and she seems protective over the other spirits like a guardian. Even the phone guy mentions how the Marionette appears more aware than other animatronics.

If the Marionette were more hostile and vengeful, it’d easily rank higher. But since it doesn’t seem to resent people who aren’t threats, it becomes slightly less frightening.

8. The Mimic 

Image via FNAF Wiki

The Mimic acts as your main enemy in Security Breach Ruin. As just the structure of an animatronic, The Mimic is like a skeleton among the others, and its glowing eyes are unsettling. Originally, the Mimic was created as a companion for a child so his dad could work uninterrupted. The Mimic learned the boy’s mannerisms because its code had it watch, mimic, and learn from its surroundings. After the boy dies, his father breaks the Mimic because it reminds him of his child.

Unfortunately, the Mimic ends up learning from these acts of violence. This takes it from being innocent enough, to being a terror capable of learning and mimicking others to fulfill its violent needs.

7. Ennard

Image via FNAF Wiki

Ennard looks like a set of metallic tubes making a human-shaped skeleton with half of a clown face. It shows up in Sister Location, and it’s made up of four animatronics combined into one. At the beginning, Ennard contained Circus Baby, Ballora, Funtime Freddy, and Foxy. Perhaps the scariest trait of Ennard is its decision to remove Michael Afton’s innards and become his skeleton. This let them leave what acted as their prison and exist alongside humans. At least, for a while.

6. Nightmare Chica

Image via FNAF Wiki

Nightmare Chica appears in FNAF 4 with the other nightmare animatronics. It has a mouth full of sharp teeth. And the suit looks like it’s been left in the ruins of Freddy’s for decades with how torn and dirty it looks. A lot of its metal skeleton or structure shows beyond the ruined suit. Additionally, Chica’s cupcake has been made into a nightmare as well with its own set of teeth and angry eyes. Seeing anything move in the dark can be scary. Seeing Nightmare Chica appear from the dark with those teeth coming for you is terrifying.

5. Scrap Baby

Image via FNAF Wiki

You’ll come across Scrap Baby in FNAF 6. As you might know, she’s Circus Baby in a way. Circus Baby was part of Ennard, but the other animatronics that made it up voted against her, forcing her to leave. Circus Baby tried to rebuild herself, and thus created Scrap Baby. Visually, she’s a version of Circus Baby with a broken exterior and exposed wires. This version of Circus Baby is clearly more worn down, and that gives her a scarier presence. Especially with how much more hostile Scrap Baby is over Circus Baby.

4. Withered Bonnie

Image via FNAF Wiki

Withered Bonnie misses a lot of pieces from the original suit, and that’s what gives it such scary qualities despite the simple design. You won’t encounter a lot of issues from Withered Bonnie in Security Breach. But the lack of face aside from its bottom jaw and the glowing red dots for eyes can result in quite the jump scare. And the face isn’t the only missing part. Withered Bonnie lacks some appendages as well, letting wires dangle to show the lack of maintenance it received over the years.

3. Burntrap

Image via FNAF Wiki

Burntrap is a possible boss in FNAF: Security Breach, and it visibly has William Afton’s corpse inside it. If you look closely, you see human pieces combined with the scorched suit, such as muscles mixed with his wires. It doesn’t help that Burntrap has the spirit of William as well as his body. Given all the crimes he committed in life, Burntrap becomes a vengeful spirit given the ability to interact with the world.

2. Nightmarionne

Image via FNAF Wiki

Nightmarionne is Nightmare Marionette, basically. It appeared in FNAF 4, added in a Halloween update. It takes the already unsettling design of the Marionette with its eternal smile and empty eyes, and gives it glowing eyes and a bunch of sharp teeth. Nightmarionne towers over you since you play as a child in FNAF 4. Plus, the long, slim limbs combined with the shadow effect of the flashlight makes it look like it has many more arms than it really does.

1. Nightmare

Image via FNAF Wiki

Yes, Nightmare appears in FNAF 4. However, he’s more of an alternate Nightmare Freddy. His suit looks almost charred, like it’d been set on fire. The visible metal pieces have a reddish sheen like blood to them. Of course, he has the same sharp teeth and glowing eyes that all Nightmare animatronics have, too. Nightmare is horrifying to look at, and having it pop out at you from the darkness with its darker color scheme is the perfect recipe for a scare.

And that wraps up our list of the 10 scariest Five Nights at Freddy’s animatronics. With Halloween approaching, it’s the perfect time to revisit this series, especially with the movie releasing soon. Otherwise, check out more spooky lists like the 5 best FNAF Roblox games or the 10 best FNAF fan games.

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