Top Ten Android Games

What your favorite apps?

What your favorite apps?

Nowadays the gaming experiences on Android easily rival competitive gaming experiences on Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s app store. App developers have been creating more and more games to keep up with this trend. But what are the best Android gaming experiences available? This article will outline the top 10 best games available on Android this week.

#1 Minecraft – Pocket Edition ($6.99)

Recently Microsoft purchased the app developers Mojang for a vast amount of money. This is money well spent. Minecraft, Mojang’s opus is a very popular game for a reason, it allows players to fully create and explore their own content making for unlimited adventure possibility. This game has already enjoyed over 5 million downloads on the Google Play and is the most downloaded game on our list.

#2 Five Nights At Freddy’s ($2.99)

Nothing is more fun than a good scare and Five Nights At Freddy’s fully delivers on this score. This is probably one of the scariest games in years and is guaranteed to keep handheld gamers up quite a few nights. The plot places the player in the titular Freddy’s Pizza place. The job is simple: keep an eye on the reputable pizza establishment for five nights, what occurs though, is far from simple! The game has already been downloaded 50,000 times.

#3 Bloons TD 5 ($2.99)

What can beat a good strategy game? This game pits Monkeys Vs. the Bloons (Balloons) in a top down pop-fest. This is a fun one that mixes strat with quick arcade style action. A real fun aspect of this game is also the co-op mode where a player can grab a friend and engage in furious Bloon popping. Over half a million have downloaded the Android version and this is the 5th iteration of the franchise.

#4 Goat Simulator ($4.99)

Tired of the traditional hack and slash drudgery of traditional games? Want to play as a wayward, adventuring farm animal? Goat Simulator is definitely for you. Debuting on Valve’s Steam earlier this year, no one expected this game to gain such a fervent following. You simply manipulate a goat and send him on adventures, typically eschewing physics as you progress. This game is rising in popularity since its arrival on Google Play with over 50,000 downloads total.

#5 Plants vs. Zombies ($.99)

Nothing beats a classic. Having debuted 5 years ago, app development gurus PopCap had an instant hit with Plants vs. Zombies. The Android version is just as crisp and addictive as the original game and is perfect for a quick train/bus commute. The game pits various fictional plants against a ravenous zombie horde intent on eating human brains. At over 500,000 downloads, this one is certified hot.

#6 The Game of Life ($.99)

And speaking of classics, nothing is more classic than this family game night mainstay. Choices can have consequences in Life and they do as well in this board game based app. The app is complete with many of the features of the cardboard version including getting jobs, getting married, or even starting college. Over 500,000 downloads makes this Android gold.

#7 Terraria ($4.99)

Many miss the side scrolling adventures of yesteryear. This game evokes some of the digging playstyle of Dig Dug, combines it with the side scrolling style of Metroid, and throws in the ability to collect loot and ores. The final package is amazingly entertaining and exceedingly difficult. Terraria which debuted on gaming consoles now has had over 100,000 downloads on Google Play.

 #8 Monopoly ($1.99)

Another classic table-top game turned digital. Who doesn’t have great memories of arguing over who gets to play as the Top Hat? This app brings all of the over 100 year old history of Monopoly to the digital generation. At over 100,000 downloads, this one clearly has earned its own fame.

#9 The Room ($.99)

Enchantment and discovery await in this hyper-intelligent puzzler. The feel of the game evokes titles such as the now-classic Myst. The game itself is beautiful and forces the user to be astute and observant when solving puzzles which allow them to progress. Suspense is certainly the name of the game here. Called a “Masterpiece” by many, The Room has already been downloaded more than 500,000 times.

#10 Scribblenauts Remix ($.99)

Another puzzler! This game is unique in that it causes the user to create objects that help the main character, Maxwell, progress. Writing “ladder” or even “Pegasus” sends our hero into the skyward. The game is great fun and at 100,000 downloads, it has been enjoyed by many.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the top 10 Android games. As a rising platform, there are many great experiences ahead for handheld gamers!

Disclaimer: This post comes from the Android app developers at Brisbane agency Orange Digital. If you have a hot idea for an app that you can see breaking into the top ten a year from now, why not get in touch with them and let them know your hot idea for a killer app?

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