Top Ten Video Game Funny Videos – Part 2

You just can't be grumpy at the final instalment of our Top 10 Video Game Parody Videos.

You just can't be grumpy at the final instalment of our Top 10 Video Game Parody Videos.

Ah, back for more, are we? Well, our final five parodies certainly won’t disappoint. Even Grumpy Cat will be hard pushed not to crack at smile at these little beauties.

5: Wii Breakfast

British sketch troop, Idiots of Ants, tackle one of Wii’s more ridiculous titles. More Wii tea, Vicar?

4: Civilisation Anonymous

Someone at 2K Games had a brain wave of a marketing idea and produced this wonderful comic short as part of an advertising campaign for the then-upcoming Civilisation V. Knowingly capitalizing on the fact that their famed franchise is probably a bit too difficult to tear yourself away from, this wryly observed ode to addiction is also stuffed with shameless plugs for the game’s various formats.

3: Unskippable

LoadingReadyRun’s Graham Stark and Paul Saunders have been producing this little series over on The Escapist for some time now. The premise of Unskippable is Stark and Saunders’ giving an irreverent commentary on those long sequences and cut-scenes that you just can’t skip. Incredibly witty and wonderfully inglorious, their dig at the opening to Irrational Games’ masterpiece, Bioshock: Infinite, is a particular favorite.

2: Sex in Video Games (La Vie Sexuelle des Jeux Vidéo)

Viewer Discretion: Sexual themes (if you hadn’t already guessed) and French

Ever wonder how video game characters have sex? Well, you probably shouldn’t. However, the folks over at French sketch-show, Suricate, have, and made this side-splitting peep into the bedroom antics of many much-loved characters and games.

Once you get around the fact that it’s all in French (easily done by turning on English subtitles, and we highly recommend you do), this one is a doozy. You’ll never look at “WooHoo” in The Sims the same way again.

1: It’s Super Mario

Jason Steele of FilmCow, better known for taking a trip to Candy Mountain with Charlie the Unicorn, has an arsenal of twisted humor that has propelled him to YouTube stardom. His, perhaps too honest, look at video gaming’s most recognizable hero will probably irrecoverably ruin your childhood. But it’s worth it for the laughs.

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