Totally Groovy: Bruce Campbell’s Top 4 Voice Overs in the Spider-Man Games

Bruce Campbell may be a groovy actor and friend of Spider-Man 1, 2, and 3 director Sam Raimi, but he's had more than just a live action tie to the franchise. Featured now in four Spider-Man tie-in games, Bruce Campbell gives you a different kind of tutorial experience in games. Here is each game, ranked from worst to best in pure Bruce Campbell-ness.

Starting at the bottom, we've got Spider-Man 3: The Video Game. As far as the Spider-Man tie-in games go, the third was the least impressive of Treyarch's work. While it tried to bring the ideas from Spider-Man 2 to even grander scale, all it really amounted to was lots of repetition.

This entry also featured the least amount of tutorials including Bruce Campbell, although he still gets in a few good zingers while getting players used to the Arkham Asylum meets Spider-Man 2 style brawling and swinging around.

(Credit goes to AnonymousAffection for the video clip)

Next up to bat, Spider-Man 2! Arguably one of the most critically acclaimed Spider-Man games and held up as an example of how to do a super hero game right. It featured all the brawling and open world ideas of games like GTA III, but presented them in a kid-friendly power fantasy that gamers of all ages could enjoy. It was also here that Bruce Campbell is arguably more present through accessible late game tutorials than in any other game in the series, but the jokes were more hit or miss.

(Credit goes to JohhnyDFox for the video clip)

In second place is Bruce Campbell in the Amazing Spider-Man Game as "The EXTREME Reporter". Not only did Campbell appear in the game but he was made a full-fledged character who gives Spider-Man various challenges, such as rapid platforming sequences and a mini-game where you try to keep Spider-Man in focus of the Reporter's camera.

(Credit goes to Marvel Entertainment for the video)

Finally, we come to the best of the best, Spider-Man the Movie Game! While it lacks the open world of most Spider-Man games have, it focused more on a mix of stealth, brawling, and a surprising amount of destructibility for various assets.

Treyarch poured a lot of extra goodies in to compensate for the linear levels, including an entire set of alternative mission dialogues where you get to play as a heroic Harry Osborn Green Goblin going up against what is implied to be the Hobgoblin in Norman's old suit. There was also a challenge level with unique enemies based on cut Oscorp mechs and agents.

Some of Campbell's best tutorial lines and most thorough explanations are hidden in this game. It had an entire separate bonus mode of challenges and master navigation abilities. He even got an exclusive tutorial level with multiple dialogue variations for if the player did the tutorials correctly or not and if they did it in a timely manner. If you have the game, go to the first goon to fight in the tutorial, and let them beat you. Trust me, it's worth it!

(Credit goes to ArchsagePent for the video clip)