Tyktoc, Mesmer of the Tarnished Coast

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 I am called “Tyktoc” by many, but very few know my true name.  As one who lives as a mesmer, I find it safer to conceal my true identity.

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I spend my days providing portals for convenient transport and battling champion beasts across Tyria.  I am a firm believer that one day, Human and Charr can live together without conflict.

On my rare off-days, I head to Divinity’s Reach or Lion’s Arch.  I’m quite familiar with both locations, but it’s refreshing to visit points of interests like a tourist.



Some are quick to assume that I’m introverted but spending five minutes with me will prove you wrong.


I look forward to meeting new people, so feel free to say, “hello” if our paths should cross.

With love,

 The Look:

Formal Wear
Head: Feathered Headpiece (Pastel Sea, Cantaloupe)
Shoulder: Masquerade Mantle (Orange Frost, Blurple, Buttercream)
Chest: Vigil Chestpiece (Sea Green, Blurple, Orange Frost)
Hand: Svanir Gloves (Orchid, Sea Green, Orange Frost)
Leg: Inquest Pants (Sea Green, Orange Frost, Orchid)
Foot: Exalted Boots (Sea Green, Blurple, Orange Frost)

Casual Wear
Head: Wraith Masque
Shoulder: Acolyte Mantle (Sea Green, Orchid, Wintermint)
Chest: Lionguard Coat (Sea Green, Scenic, Orange Frost)
Hand: Apprentice Gloves (Orchid, Sea Green, Orange Frost)
Leg: Truyere Leggings (Sea Green, Scenic, Orchid)
Foot: Frayed Cloth Shoes (Sea Green, Wintermint)

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