Unreal Engine 4 Creates Spectacular Graphics We’ve Never Seen Before

New video shows just how great graphics are on Unreal Engine 4.

If you are an artist or someone interested in developing games, then you need to watch the video above! If you are a gamer then you need to watch it too! 

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Epic Games Senior Technical Artist Jordan Walker talks us through some of the amazing new features Unreal Engine 4 brings to the table. He starts off talking about the Infiltrator demo, which shows some of the engines potential. But because he is a technical artist he deals with texture and lighting–basically how a character’s armor looks and feels within a game.

With Unreal Engine 4, different textures can be made starting from a traditional approach but now they can also be used with material layers. Meaning that across the board materials such as cloth, metal, and padding will be more consistent throughout all of the artwork. Walker states perfectly “you’re allowed custom surface information but it is still high resolution and highly detailed.”


The graphics of our games are just going to get more refined, and pretty soon games will look like real-life, especially with things like the Oculus Rift coming out. So even if you are not a designer, you will still be able to appreciate the life-like quality that Unreal Engine 4 is bringing to the table.

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