Valahom, Vengeance of the Flame

"Death to all Flame Legion!"
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The flame legion thought that their rituals on using humans as minions was a failure, little did they know. One man survived the torturous experiment and narrowly escaped the citadel. Being the only survivor, Valahom swore vengeance to the flame legion for toying with humans for the achieving their goal.

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Harboring the unawakened power of flame, Valahom knows he can’t do the task alone. He needs comrades to eradicate the Flame Legion!

The Look:

Face: None (show your awesome face!)
Shoulders: Shaman Reward Pauldrons (CoF shoulders)
Chest: Aetherblade Medium Jerkin
Gloves: Shaman Reward Gloves (CoF Gloves)
Pants:Aetherblade Medium Leggings
Boots: Krytan Boots

Backpiece: Rox’s Quiver

I love the CoF gloves fit the Aetherblade medium chest. It somehow potrays an incomplete equip of a flame armor.

The Color Dyes:

Burgundy, Abyss, White, Citrus Breeze


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Image of Valahom