Video Games and Brain Power

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“Video games aren’t good for you.” I’m sure almost any gamer has seen or heard that line in some form or fashion. Studies are being done the world over on the effect of video games on the human brain. One such study is being done on older brains and how video games affect them. According to the study, “some people as old as 80, the researches say, begin to show neurological patterns of people in their 20s.” I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty interesting.

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How Is That Possible?

The study shows that the higher rate of performance comes from the production of cognitive tasks, including video games. Granted, this enhanced performance does not just come from one time playing a video games. It would require a series of games and tasks to train the brain to react like a younger brain does.

Primitive Science

This new research in retraining the brain is a fairly new field. Side effects from retraining the brain have yet to be discovered, and whether the retraining is as beneficial as it sounds like it can be.

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