Violence in Video Games: GameSkinny Round Table Podcast Ep.12

This week on the GameSkinny Round Table we discuss kids who shoot their grannies in the head, Joe Biden's tax on violent games, and just who should be held accountable.
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Welcome to another week of our Round Table Podcast! If you’ve been following us, you’ll have noticed the gradual (and sometimes not so gradual) transitions our podcast has made in its continuing efforts to get into the right groove.

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As you can tell by the significantly shorter topic list this week, we’ve actually made a few pretty big changes yet again! Now, the Round Table is aiming for 30 minutes versus the previous 1 hour or more. And this half hour will run solely on the power of single-topic discussion!

That’s right, ONE topic per week will be drawn from current news. All news bulletins will be covered seperately by some new (or simply ‘newer’) faces in the subcast. 

This week we had GaryErnestoLui, Brian, and Jay, with Stephanie as our host.

What did we talk about?

This week on the Round Table, the thing we couldn’t stop talking about was the effects of violence in video games – on us, on kids, on the actions of the government… Brought to you thanks to small children who can’t seem to help but shoot their grandmothers in the back of the head after some Grand Theft Auto IV.  

Others issues brought up this week include:

  • Exactly who should be held accountable for making sure violent video games don’t get into the wrong hands? 
  • The ESRB and its skewed system for M- and AO-rated games.
  • Vice Presicent Joe Biden‘s proposed ‘sin tax’ on violent video games.
  • What are our favorite violent video games? You know we have them. Here’s why. 

Hope you have as much fun listening as we had making this!

What are we?

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(Written recap brought to you this week by Stephanie.)

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