Find out how the virtual reality is going to change the lifes of the gaming market at all and what will be the results

Virtual Reality Post Pokémon GO

Find out how the virtual reality is going to change the lifes of the gaming market at all and what will be the results
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The games in virtual reality won’t need wait for us in the near future, they are already here. A while ago Google released their own VR-glasses called Cardboard, and more recently their platform for virtual reality called Daydream — HTC provided their own variant of the product. As you can see the first steps to the world of the virtual reality are already done.

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When Facebook bought Oculus for $2 billion, Google answered with their VR-system — the Daydream turns your Google Pixel Android phone into googles for the virtual world. All these things pointed to the fact that virtual games are here and are not willing to step back.

The gaming market is changing. For instance, Pokémon Go became one of the most popular products in a couple of the days. The game, with the use of AR, has frequently taken the highest positions in iTunes and Google Play. The same role is played by Rift, Vive, Google Cardboard, and Gear VR. They put us into new cutting-edge era of entertainment.

So traditional video games will start to go down in this race. Even through the evolution of eSports or making bets for such games as StarCraft or League of Legends. However, we do not see movements of the eSport spheres towards the side of virtual reality.

Not for now at least.

However these changes are profitable for online casinos. VR gambling places will be an instrument that is going to divert the attention of players from fantasy sport and bring them to the land-based casinos of Las Vegas, Macau, or Singapore. There are already a number of casino games, where real money is used, which have VR technologies, games such as poker will profit from these sorts of opportunities. Virtual casino software can allow the sense of being at a casino, feeling the significant moments of the gambling — just imagine a full recreation of the casino atmosphere that would be available without going outdoors.

Even virtual tournaments could be played, and pokerstars could be played against. While we at GameSkinny don’t condone gambling, this would be rather cool for avid gamblers.

I think virtual reality is going to be the integral part of the gaming market during next 3 to 8 years. But will move into the gambling sector faster due to the amount of money they have.

Do you think VR gaming will be influential in the next few years as predicted? Let us know in the comments section below.

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