Vordexus the Drunken Monk (Style #2 of 3)

Swaying, drinking, falling yet finding balance, ready to strike! Just after this last sip, alright?

Meet Vordexus Di Caprici, a man of questionable repute. Raised in the lands of Queensdale, he found himself often volunteering his labors for the monks of Eldvin Monastery. He wasn’t shy about reaping the fruits of his labor either. An elementalist by trade, he enjoys emulating the style and technique of the lands beyond Kryta. He was always looking for new insight into balance and harmony, even at the bottom of a fresh mug of ale. While there is nothing supernatural when it comes to the wines and spirits he would seek, the moments he would share with friends and foe alike would often prove divine.

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Defending the precious cargo…

Soul Searching…


Making up over another glass!

Outfit and Colors (Left to Right, Top to Bottom):

  • Head – Fanged Dread Mask (Lemon Tint, Green Shade, Blue Ice)
  • Shoulders – Light Arcon Mantle (Nickel)
  • Chest – Conjurer Chest (Antique Olive, Lemon Tint, Antique Gold)
  • Hands – Embroidered Wristguards (Midnight Rose, Dust, Midnight Rose)
  • Legs – Embroidered Pants (Antique Olive, Midnight Rose, Frost)
  • Feet – Embroidered Shoes (Antique Olive, Antique Gold)
  • Back – Sun Catcher


  • Dragon’s Jade Quarterstaff
  • Dragon’s Jade Aspect
  • Dragon’s Jade Truncheon
  • Ambrosia

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