Want to run those Super Mario Maker levels from AGDQ? Here they are!

You can give the very same Super Mario Maker levels run during AGDQ 2016 a try right now, provided you're brave enough.
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Let’s not get into semantics over whether or not the Super Mario Maker races during this year’s AGDQ were speedruns or not. Let’s swoon over those crazy levels and the skill displayed during the races instead.

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This year’s Mario block featured some entertaining runs, but none were crazier than the Super Mario Maker races featuring some of the best Mario runners going head to head in teams to complete a course of eight special levels made by the speedrunning community specifically for AGDQ.

If you watched the stream and wanted to get your own grubby little mitts on these babies, you’re in luck: the codes for seven of the eight levels have been released and you can hop onto Super Mario Maker right now and give them a try. The third stage, titled Bully the Bullets during the stream, should be made public soon now that AGDQ 2016 is over.

You don’t have to be a speedrunner to complete these levels, but it certainly helps. You’re going to find out just how big the difference is between playing in a team and playing by yourself.

Here are the AGDQ levels’ codes, the Super Mario Maker Bookmark links, and screenshots. Give them a go yourself and see if your Mario skills can be compared to the talent displayed by both teams earlier this week.

Stage 1 – Too Fast For Mr. Angry Wall (B5B0-0000-0178-FEB2)
Bookmark page

Stage 2 – AGDQ Beetlemania (F3F2-0000-0179-0191)
Bookmark page

Stage 4 – Swift Kickin’ The Walls (A94F-0000-0179-0D81)
Bookmark page

Stage 5 – AGDQ The Kleptastrophe (2122-0000-0178-FD59)
Bookmark page

Stage 6 – AGDQ Killbox (D658-0000-0178-F8D2)
Bookmark page

Stage 7 – It Came From Above! (3806-0000-0179-0232)
Bookmark page

Stage 8 – AGDQ Kill or Save the Animals? (3B6A-0000-0179-0126)
Bookmark page

This was the first GDQ to feature Super Mario Maker and hopefully it won’t be the last. With the wealth of well-made precision platforming levels the community just keeps churning out, chances are we’ll be seeing this baby return in SGDQ 2016.

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