Weekly Weekend Round-Up: Dec 26th-28th

This edition is more for games that were likely to be gifted or purchased with giftcards. Happy Holidays!

This edition is more for games that were likely to be gifted or purchased with giftcards. Happy Holidays!
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Although no big launches were out this week, the round-up still had to be written. This one marks two months that these have been going on. With Christmas this week and other holidays past I am sure that most of us will have new games to play from gifts given to us, or at least gift cards to go toward purchases. 

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Although Assassin’s Creed has been featured in the round-up prior to this, it is likely that some gamers have gotten this and are looking to fill the extended weekend stalking around the realm. Also I have yet to play this game, but as with any Assassin’s Creed game I am sure there is much to be explored and will be thoroughly enjoyed by those that play it.

Call of Duty:  Advanced Warfare

I am sure that there are plenty of players that can’t wait to play this online, but due to network errors it makes it difficult. Call of Duty is always high demand for gifts this time of year. Even if you are looking forward to multiplayer and can’t play; I suggest a run through on the single player campaign at least to pass the time.

Destiny:  The Dark Below DLC

Destiny: The Dark Below DLC has been out for some time. There are plenty of players that already have the DLC and run the new raid plenty of times. I am sure that there are gamers that were waiting for online credit to purchase the DLC and what better time than the holidays. Even though there is not much included with the DLC if you run the raid I am almost certain that this will be a time consuming feat.

Although the last item on the list isn’t much of a game by itself I feel that gamers will be playing this to pass the weekend. WIth games being gifted and gift cards too, players will be getting those backlogged games they were either too cheap to by themselves or that they wanted, but didn’t have the extra cash. What will you be playing this weekend? Comment below.

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