Weekly Weekend Round-Up: Feb. 6th – Feb. 8th

Games that can pass the long weekend ahead of us.
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Since Dying Light’s launch last week, some of us have been busy killing time with that. However, there are some gamers that are waiting for other game launches that are coming soon, especially Evolve next week. To pass the weekend, and maybe the days leading up to that launch, here are some games that could kill the time.

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Apotheon is a free download title on the PS4 for the PlayStation Plus members. Although Apotheon may seem to be the less popular of the two free titles, it is still worth the price you have already paid. Apotheon has a play style that is not unlike Metroid, Guacamelee, or any other metroidvania style game. The art of Apotheon is unique in it’s style of hieroglyphics. 


Yakuza 4

For those of us looking for an old but great game, look no further. Yakuza 4 is now free for PlayStation Plus members on PS3. This game is a great action fighting game that can now be enjoyed for a very fair price. Yakuza 4 had amazing combat controls and was full of action from the beginning to the end. 


Far Cry 4

Although this is an older release in terms of game launches, now is a great time to pick up the title. Far Cry 4 is on sale for Xbox Live Gold members at $39.99. When Far Cry 4 launched, there was a lot of hype surrounding it and should not be overlooked at this price. If you are looking for a cheap, newer release, look no more. 

These titles seem to be rather dull when anticipating a huge AAA title like Evolve, but they are at great prices, and they’re great games to pass the weekend. What games will you be playing? Comment below.

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