Weekly Weekend Round-Up: Mar. 6th – Mar. 8th

A small list of games that could be played while passing time this weekend. Enjoy.

A small list of games that could be played while passing time this weekend. Enjoy.

Players rejoice, yet another weekend of gaming is upon us. We have worked long hours or studied hard to get here and the time has come to relax and enjoy some games. Below is a small list of games that may spark your interest.


Screamride seems to be an amazing game that offers much more than just simplistic play. Screamride has multiple game modes to offer different styles of play for individual preference. The styles range from a theme park scream mode, where the player must keep the cart on the tracks while making the riders scream as much as possible, to a destructive mode that plays a little like Angry Birds – without the little pigs.  Also, if deciding between X1 and 360, know that X1 offers a level creator mode to allow for maximum enjoyment.

Rayman Legends

For the players looking for a cheap game to play, this one could be it for some players. Rayman Legends is now free for Xbox One gold subscribers, and could easily be enjoyed this weekend. Rayman is an ongoing series that has captivated players, and this installment is no disappointment at all. Plus with it being free for some players, they can’t go wrong.


Valiant Hearts

Valiant Hearts is an indie game that I fully intended to get around to buying. Now that it’s free on PS4 for Playstation Plus subscribers I had no excuse to not play it. Valiant Hearts is fun, beautiful, and even educational if players take the time to read the facts scattered throughout. 

Whatever games you play this weekend now that there is a wave of big launches nearing us and backlogs usually grow bigger. So, enjoy the long gaming marathons as the weekend passes by. What games will you be playing this weekend? Comment below.

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