Superheroes and cities go hand in hand. One cant live with other. So, what are the best presented open world cities in superhero video games?

What Are the Top 5 Open World Superhero Video Games

Superheroes and cities go hand in hand. One cant live with other. So, what are the best presented open world cities in superhero video games?
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It's common knowledge in the video game landscape that games based on superheroes...well, suck. Usually. While there are exceptions to the rules, like the Batman Arkham series, most of these games did not land well with gamers. 

I'm here to tell you that while most of these games were flawed, there was one thing they did right: the Open World setting. Here are the top 5 open world superhero video games.

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Spider-Man 2 - PS2 & Xbox

He's Spider-Man and he should swing where ever he wants. This game was well received by critics and gamers alike. The city was realistic and life-like in its description of Manhattan. Unlike in previous games, Spider-Man's webbing had to attach to a building and not some invisible platform in the sky. He could swing from one end of Manhattan to the other without touching the ground. With all this combined, this game really made you feel like you were Spider-Man.   

The Incredible Hulk - PS3 & Xbox 360

This game was not a critical success. With a Metacritic score of 55 out of 100, it was not going a great AAA game. Like The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, the game before it, you could smash. Being the Hulk you have to smash.

This game brought something else to the table...destroying the whole island of Manhattan. As the Hulk you could literally bring buildings down on your enemies. It also brought one more thing to the party: Marvel landmarks. From Dr. Strange's house to Daredevil's Law firm, you could destroy them all.  

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes - PS3 & Xbox 360

You cant leave out a Lego game when making a list about superheroes. TT Games perfected this in Lego Batman 2. Just like in the previous slides, you can interact in this open world. Now, you can play as who you want and select a vehicle when you want. There are various challenges, races, and collectibles to find around the city. Also, the diverse venues that were in the city were amazing. My fondest memory of playing this was of flying as Superman with the John Williams' Superman score in the background. 

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows - PS3, Xbox 360, & Wii

You take one part zombie movie and add in some Venom symbiote to create the story for this game. While it was certainly an inventive story, some of the gameplay elements were not all there. However, the open world was your playground. This game opened up a universe in Spider-Man games. The city was bright and vibrant at the start and then as the story progressed the symbiote infection took over. Symbiote webs appeared on buildings and mayhem leaked in the streets. The New York City changed as you played. Current storylines in the comics were shown in this game, like how Stark Tower had the Sentry's Watchtower above it. 

Batman: Arkham City - PS3 & Xbox 360

Finally, how could you not list a Batman Arkham series game in this list. It's arguably one of the greatest superhero games out there. While Batman: Arkham Asylum gave you a jail to run around in, Arkham City let you play in a city itself. This is Gotham and you are Batman. This city was full of easter eggs. From crime alley to the GCPD building, it was all there. The inmates added a sense of atmosphere from their stories about the city when you listened into their conversations. 


What do you think? What are your favorite open world superhero games? Let us know in the comments below. 

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