What Have Video Games Done For You?

YouTube's Geek Week bringing out some amazing videos. Go Geekyness.
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This video tells many amazing, deep, and meaningful stories that can show the world how important video games can be for our future. I feel it was also shown by the Dota 2 tournament from the past week…video games can bring the world together. Video games could be the beginning of world peace. At the Dota 2 tournament thousands upon thousands of fans from all around the world all came together and show their ability to be kind to everyone. Any other sport you can think of for the most part doesn’t do this, in fact it can cause some pretty vicious fights. Dota 2? none.

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This video features many large scale YouTubers telling their stories of how video games changed their lives. They even mention in their stories how it has impacted the world. I love the quote from Markiplier:

“I applaud every time I see a new multiplayer game released because I know even though it’s not very successful that one game allows two siblings, it allows that family the opportunity to play together.”

Dodger mentions charity drives. She is amazed how it is teaching many children at a very young age how they can actually help people. When the tsunami hit Japan, Dodger set up a charity where if she could raise $6,000 she would live stream for 24 hours. She said she never expected them to even get close to $6,000 and they ended up raising almost $13,000.

Day[9] tells his story about his group of 10 friends from all around the world that he played StarCraft with. He would have never met any of them without StarCraft, not to mention only 2 spoke English out of the 10, yet they still got to experience the game together.

Chuggaaconroy, who does videos based around Pokemon and Mario, tells his story about his childhood and how much these games affected his life. He says that without these games who knows what could have happened. He mentions how these games kept him out of any trouble and gave him the drive to be the YouTuber he is today. Without these games he wouldn’t have a fan base now, he would have never met all the people he has now.

Lewis and Simon from Yogscast tell their story of how they met in World of Warcraft. This was the only story that wasn’t really emotional in any way, but still worthy of note. The Yogscast is a goliath among YouTube channels and would never have come to be without meeting in World of Warcraft. I myself have a lot to thank World of Warcraft for. Without it I would most certainly not the be person I am today – it brought me out of my shy shell. I have many other video games to thank for it as well but it’s really WoW that sealed the deal.

Anyway, what I’m getting at is: video games are changing the world, they are changing lives every day and they are improving quality of life across the planet. Don’t stop being awesome, video games, and don’t stop being awesome gamers.

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