What To Watch This Weekend: Geek Remix

GameWisp is back and this weekend you should be watching Geek Remix!

GameWisp is back and this weekend you should be watching Geek Remix!

Last week, GameWisp relaunched to content creators.  The reception was amazing, but unfortunately prevented us from bringing you great gaming video here on GameSkinny.  But we couldn’t leave you to wander aimlessly through the world of gaming video.  So we are back with a brand new What To Watch This Weekend.  

Once again, the weekend is upon us and we face the prospect of having to fill the hours with entertainment.  As the weather warms up, you are probably thinking that a frisbee in the park is a grand idea.  Eventually though, when your legs are tired from chasing that elusive disc, you will need something to watch, and GameWisp is here to help you sift through the enormity of gaming video.  

This weekend, in honor of GameWisp’s return, we have chosen to bring you a channel who recently joined the GameWisp platform. This week, you should be watching the hilarious ladies of Geek Remix. 

2 Girls, 1 Let’s Play

What Geek Remix’s videos lack in polish, they more than make up for with flair and style. The channel name alone is brilliant in it’s simplicity, and the channel art portrays a kind of quirky and happy-go-lucky feel.  But when the first video begins to roll, Mari and Stacy quickly bring to bear quick wit and sarcastic, wry humor which creates a delightful juxtaposition to any initial expectations.  Please don’t misunderstand, these ladies are full of fun and quirk, but their dry humor is the really intriguing aspect of this channel.  Gaming video is all about the personality of the gamer, and this kind of juxtaposition is the stuff that grabs a viewer’s attention and doesn’t let go.  

Our header video today is from their signature series, 2 Girls, 1 Let’s Play, and is the first episode in their LP of Thief.  I have often said that co-op Let’s Plays are difficult, with many YouTubers failing to create the kind of chemistry necessary to pull it off.  Mari’s and Stacy’s personalities blend exceptionally well and rather than talking over one another, they feed off of each other, pushing the humor to ever more increasing hilarity.  Mari and Stacy are not afraid of crude, though they never cross the line into vulgarity.  But if you are a cautious person, these videos are probably best not watched at work in earshot of your boss.  

Overall, I really enjoy 2 Girls, 1 Let’s Play.  Game selection is important, and Mari and Stacy do a great job, playing such titles as Mass Effect 3 and Beyond: Two Souls.  You can also find the rest of the Thief series here.  The mix of good game selection with excellent humor makes this a series worth watching. 

Easter Eggs


Many Let’s Play channels focus almost exclusively on long videos.  Channels whose average video length is twenty minutes or more are common even if the channel has a first-impressions series or something similar.  As a viewer, however, it’s often difficult to take the hours necessary to watch very many of those videos.  This is why every well rounded channel needs short form videos.  The Easter Eggs series is Geek Remix’s answer to short form videos.  The name says it all: Mari narrates as she (or possibly Stacy… it’s never made clear who does the actual gameplay) finds a number of hidden gems in various games.  

Mari also takes this opportunity to let her more informative side shine.  The videos contain interesting extras, and Mari describes them in a straightforward manner giving whatever detail the viewer needs to find them on his/her own.  It’s clear she either has plenty of inherent knowledge or does plenty of research, because she is very good at pointing out each hidden reference that developers love to sneak into their games.  In addition to this easter egg video of Halo, other episodes in the series include Mass Effect 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and Kingdom Hearts. 

2 Girls, 1 Quick Look

It seems that no Let’s Play channel is complete without some sort of first impressions series.  Mari and Stacy have their own version: 2 Girls, 1 Quick Look.  In their quick looks, Mari and Stacy play through the opening stages of games, bringing along their great chemistry and signature humor.  Each of these videos could easily be the first episode of a longer series, though their game selection is a bit more quirky than in their longer series.  Titles in this series include Don’t Starve, Flow,  Assault Android Cactus, and Paranautical Activity.  This is their quick look at Octodad: Dadliest Catch.  The game lends itself to ridiculousness anyway, but Mari and Stacy’s wry humor helps to make the experience that much more fun.  

Overall, Geek Remix is a great up and coming channel with plenty to offer.  We are incredibly happy to have Mari and Stacy on GameWisp, and are excited to watch their channel continue to grow and develop.  Geek Remix is definitely a good choice for anyone looking for great, humorous Let’s Play content this weekend.     

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