As players race to max level, The Coalition has revealed all of the multiplayer progression rewards.

What you will unlock through Gears of War: Ultimate Edition’s multiplayer

As players race to max level, The Coalition has revealed all of the multiplayer progression rewards.
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A question that has been repeatedly posed in both the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition forums and within the game itself is “what do we get?”. Rewarding players for dedicated multiplayer participation is critical to keeping an active base playing the game. While The Coaltion has been in the dark regarding progression rewards within their multiplayer canvas leading up to release, the developer has finally exposed the rewards for players who reach certain levels through the gaining of experience. 

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Character unlocks:

Samantha Byrne – Level 5 
Kantus – Level 7 
Chairman Prescott – Level 10 
Miner – Level 12 
Dizzy Wallin – Level 15 
Beast Rider – Level 17 
Clayton Carmine – Level 20 
Spotter – Level 23 
Jace Stratton – Level 25 
Flame Grenadier – Level 27 
Savage Grenadier – Level 35 
Golden Gear – Level 40 
Hunter Elite – Level 45 
Mechanic Baird – Level 50 
Dizzy Wallin Farmer – Level 55 
Benjamin Carmine – Level 60 

Many fan favorite playable characters are back causing a rush to level 60 so players can finish their collection of the Carmine brothers with the final reward being Gears of War 2’s loveable Benjamin Carmine. 

-Ben Carmine gets a second chance at life through multiplayer

A lot of what makes skins favorable to players is the feeling of being unique to those around you. While unlocking characters first is a great thrill, eventually consistent players will unlock everything. Fear not, my special snowflakes! If you played in the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition beta, you had the opprotunity to unlock characters that only beta testers can use in the main game. These include Thrasball Drone and fan favorite Cole Train (Thrashball Cole). 

Some players have already noticed that this list of unlockable characters is severally lacking in quantity. There have been a myriad of playable characters throughout the Gears of War series and having such a small sample in a supposed “Ultimate Edition” is leaving some players which much to be desired. 

We shall see if more characters will be added via DLC or through content patches in the future. Which character do you love to play as? Let us know in the comments below. 

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