What’s an 11-year-old’s Favorite Game? (INTERVIEW)

Meet Jacob, an 11-year-old boy who's got a lot to say about his favorite game!
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Name: Jacob Lassner Age: 10; Grade: 5 (Interview done via FaceTime)

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Alexa: So, tell us what kind of games you are into?

Jacob: Sport, adventure, and action games. 

Alexa: Do you have a favorite platform?

Jacob: Yes, the iPad.

Alexa: What’s your favorite game? 

Jacob: Well, it’s a tie. Since, I can’t take a snapshot picture of NHL 13, I am going to go with Minecraft

Alexa: Ok, so what do you want to tell us about the first picture you took? 

Jacob: Here is my inventory. It shows all of the things I have that I mined. I still haven’t mined diamonds, but it’s something I hope to do soon.

Jacob’s Mother: —So that you can give it to Mommy?

Jacob: Yup!

Jacob’s Mother: Good, so you can make Mommy a diamond necklace. 

Jacob: Okay, here’s one of the rooms in my house. It holds my furnace and crafting table. 

Alexa: What do you enjoy crafting?

Jacob: I enjoy crafting pickaxes and torches. 

Alexa: Why?

Jacob: Because one helps you see, and the other helps you mine.

Alexa: If you were able to change one thing or improve something from the game, what would it be?

Jacob: No more bad guys. I don’t like bad guys, and they give my sister Olivia nightmares. If one of the bad guys see you, they will kill you and you lose Minecraft on your iPad. Then you have to download it again to get it back. If I could change something, it would be the graphics. Atleast to make the people and animals more realistic. You know, a sheep is a box with eyes… I don’t like that.

He’s watching you. 

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