Who Died and Made Her Queen?

She thinks she's fashionable; prove it- is she right, or is she wrong?

Answer? Nobody.

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Delusional commoner, Surry Drestelyn, thinks she dresses like the Queen’s handmaid. (Really! She truly believes she’s the Queen’s handmaid.)

On my lunch break the other day, I traveled along with Carlotta Selman, who was busy at work on her upcoming photo-documentary, “Reaching Faces,” illustrating the plight of Kryta’s impoverished communities.

We eventually ran into an… interesting masked local who seemed to have been discussing politics with a group of homeless refugees. She hounded Carlotta as she was working with the other refugees, and eventually, we sat her down for pictures and an interview. All she would discuss, however, was her get-up.

In Surry Drestelyn’s own words;

Robbing fashion from the Mists isn’t easy! Do you know how long it took to get the cloth for this? But don’t worry, I’ve got the hook up; the Queen just loves me!

Apparently all business, Drestelyn assured that her outfit was “entirely kosher,” and that “no, that isn’t blood” on her gloves!

She defended her definition of chic and claimed that it screamed ‘neo-noble’ and ‘business appropriate,’ but at heart, Surry Drestelyn is “an all country-gal, with pride on [her] mind.” Ever wanted to play dress-up when you were a kid? Neither have I.

The outfit, “knit Ascalonian leather that evokes images of Old Ascalon and strong functional netting used by warriors of the Mists,” is flush with dark Cocoa shades and lathered in Remembrance– truly, ‘We will remember you.’ For an unfortunately long, long time.

She removed her mask after an hour of her insisting she keep it on.

Much to our dismay.

After we asked where she got the inspiration to “pull off the outfit,” she remained tight-lipped about the subject and stated:

  Don’t worry about it, all that is left for you to do is to let the Lunatic Court into your life.

A moment of uneasy silence later, she pulled out a grin and refused to speak or even move after that point. We walked out of the alley we found her in, that day, no more confused than normal, but feeling a bit more experienced with the world:

Carlotta’s verdict? The world is full of crazy. I believe I agree.

– William Lee

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of the recently deceased Carlotta Selman. We of The Tyrian Temp mourn the loss of one of our top correspondants to a freak machinery malfunction while reporting in the field.
Carlotta’s unfinished photo-documentary, “Reaching Faces,” will release post-humorously for the enjoyment of the public.
Rest in the Mists, Carlotta, your drive shall be remembered.


[Sorry to all the judges who begged me to post the outfit pieces and coloration! It completely slipped my mind, and I had an internet black out at my house. Hope it didn’t inconvenience any of you lovely people,  but here it is!

There’s also the Masque of the Noble colored in Mahogany after she takes off her mask. And for those curious about what she’s wielding; that is a wooden sword, and the Courage focus. Cheers!]

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