Who Doesn’t Love a Ninja – Searching for American Ninja Warrior Video Game

I would love an American Ninja Warrior motion video game.

I would love an American Ninja Warrior motion video game.

My husband and I enjoy a lot of television shows. One of our favorites is American Ninja Warrior. What those guys and girls go through is just awe-inspiring. After watching tonight’s show, it got me to thinking. This would make an awesome video game, especially one that is motion based, like a Kinect game. I can just imagine my family and friends gathering around trying to become the American Ninja Warrior.

This led me down the road to Google for an American Ninja Warrior video game. The only game I found was the flash game done by G4 TV. While small browser games can be fun, I found myself still searching for another idea. Of course, my search results yielded nothing. I was a bit sad at this fact. It was not what I was expecting.

What I am looking for is an American Ninja Warrior motion game. As of this moment, it does not exist, even in rumor. I was surprised that no one had built this or has made plans to. We have the show Wipeout available on Xbox 360 and Kinect. I figured American Ninja Warrior would be an excellent use of motion gaming technology. Granted that it won’t help people train up to participate in the actually show itself, but it would be a great theme in general for a fitness game to help people with cardio.

What game would you like to see brought to motion gaming?

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