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Sanhua in a flower field in Wuthering Waves.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Why Getting 100% Exploration in Wuthering Waves is a Worthwhile Grind

Is the grind worth it in the end? Find out why it is here.

If you’ve jumped on the Wuthering Waves bandwagon like me, you’ll know that the open world of Solaris-3 is full of puzzles, tidal heritages, and loot chests to discover. Each region is accompanied by a completion percentage, letting you know how many treasures you’ve got left to find.

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With nine explorable regions at launch and more on the way, it begs the question — is getting 100% exploration worth it in WuWa? The answer is yes, it’s definitely worth it, and I’ll explain exactly why here.

Getting 100% Exploration is Confusing

If you’ve spent dozens of hours in WuWa, odds are, you still have yet to get 100%. Getting full completion of an area is confusing and downright frustrating at times. But it’s undeniably worth it. If you open up your main map, you’ll notice that each area has a percentage of completion next to its name. To get that number to 100%, you’ll need to find every loot chest, blob fly, tidal heritage, puzzle, and loot chest. I’ve been using an interactive map to farm my way through each region.

Additionally, you’ll want to equip your Loot Mapper and Scanner when exploring specific areas. If you click the compass in the lower left corner of the map, you can see what items you are missing from the selected area. It can be a bit stressful making sure you’re not missing anything, but if you use all the tools at your disposal, you’ll get it done with ease.

Asterite Rewards are a Must-Have

Getting pulls is half the fun in a gacha game like Wuwa. While there has been a nice share of Asterite freebies since launch, it’s still a steep climb to guarantee a limited-banner 5-star. Frankly, it’s impossible if you don’t spend them wisely. If you’re looking for ways to rack up that Asterite reserve, exploration is one of the best ways to see that number grow. Blobflys, Supply Chests, and Tidal Heritages all return an Asterite reward.

According to a Reddit user, you can find up to 17,772 Asterite on the current 1.0 map. This is equivalent to around 110-115 pulls, making it incredibly worthwhile, particularly if you are free-to-play.  On top of the exploration rewards, if you complete all available events and quests, you’ll be hitting over 150 pulls in free-to-play content. Essentially, this will ensure you receive one limited banner five-star resonator of your choosing.

Jianxin with a loot chest in Wuthering Waves.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Union Level XP is a Grind Later On

Leveling up your UL level is essential to getting more powerful in WuWa. However, once you reach late-game content, it gets particularly challenging to gain UL XP. I got locked out of my data bank progress by not having hit UL 40 yet. So, it got particularly aggravating to obtain those thousands of XP to get there. After completing all of the quests and events, you’ll be grinding to get more UL XP.

With around 730 loot chests scattered throughout the 1.0 map and around 10 XP offered with each chest, you can get at least 7,360 UL XP with completion of the loot chests. Of course, you’ll also receive UL XP with the Tidal Heritages. I typically receive around 20 XP for each one, which will result in at least 4,140 UL XP for completion. All in all, you can’t go wrong with the UL XP rewards.

Echo Grinding at Tidal Heritages is Convenient

Filling up your data bank is an essential part of the game. First, you’ll need to discover every type of echo on the map, and then you’ll want to find increased rarities with ideal substats for each echo. It can be as serious or unserious as you want, but if your goal is to clear enemies quickly, you’ll want to pay attention to every substat. It’s essentially another form of in-game gambling when rolling for ideal traits. So, farming echoes is one of the more labor-intensive aspects of the game.

You’ll need gold echoes for your late-game resonator builds, and after spending hours farming them, I can tell you it’s truly a grind to find gold that echoes with the perfect substats. Thankfully, Exploration includes farming Tidal Heritage locations, which are enemy-guarded loot portals. So, it’s essentially a double reward. You get the chance to farm echoes and receive Asterite, wood-textured shards, ascension materials, shell credits, and EXP boosters on top of it.

Jianxin with a tidal hertiage in wuthering waves.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Sonance Caskets are a Valuable Collectible

Sonance Caskets are the gold cubes that you’ll often find in high, out-of-reach places. It’s not inherently clear what they are for, but if you turn them in to Chenpi in Jinzhou, you’ll receive worthwhile rewards. Since collecting them takes little effort, they are worth the journey. You can receive Lustrous Tides, ascension materials, and Asterite. If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to get more pulls, so make sure to find any Sonance Casket that appears on your mini-map.

That does it for why exploration is a worthwhile grind in Wuthering Waves. You can find more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs at our WuWa guide hub.

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