Why I Love Nintendo’s 3DS XL So Much

My review on the 3DS XL and why its such a bundle of joy to play.
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Just recently, I celebrated my birthday. To celebrate the socially forced, awkward superficial smiles filled birthday party, I went to the local game store in town and picked up the ginormous 3DS XL red edition, pre-installed with the cultural icon that stays true to the child inside of us, Super Mario 3D World. Needless to say, the Nintendo 3DS XL is the epitome of “fun”. And here’s why.

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The 3DS XL is downright gorgeous. Its fine, tapered curve places a large emphasis on modern design, as compared to its predecessor, the Nintendo 3DS. The matte-finish feels premium in hand and its large girth fits comfortably in my wacky, abnormally long fingers. Thankfully, it’s not a uni-body design.

The battery is easily replaceable. Even someone as primal as a caveman could replace it. The flattened “pancake” like joystick is elegant and responsive. The D-pad and control buttons are tight and provide hectic feedback, similar to the satisfying experience of browsing the web with a mechanical keyboard. 


The 3D LCD screen at the top revolutionizes how we view spacial graphics on a flat screen. Glasses-free 3D goes easy on the eyes, dampening eye strain and revolutionising the way we see 3D. Smart TVs, take note please. For the weary eyed or gimmick-hating gamers who smell bullsh*t from a mile away, the 3D slider gives the player a smooth as silk “3D slider” to control the depth of the 3D or to entirely switch it off.

Games like Super Mario 3D Land flourish on a console that breaks the boundaries of gameplay. Utilising the 3D technology on this handheld console puts post-converted 3D Hollywood Films to shame.

Graphically, this console is no visual breakthrough. Arguably, the PS Vita’s visuals dwarfs the standards of the Nintendo 3DS. However, solely basing it on Nintendo’s extensive library of triple A titles that pushes the handheld to its breaking point, the Nintendo 3DS is strong on its own merits.


Needless to say, Nintendo > Sony. ( Fanboy biased).

In conclusion…

It’s easy to say what we prefer, but it truly “all depends”. I grew up in an era where Mario games were the “to die for games” back in the day. Today, I am no changed man. I still yearn to indulge in sinful amounts of Nintendo exclusive titles, escaping into the virtual world of the Mushroom Kingdom.

But take whatever I say with a grain of salt. The PS Vita is a force to be reckoned with and I’m sure it will eviscerate the Nintendo 3DS if more quality, polished titles like Killzone Mercenary come out. 

No matter, I will go with Nintendo through the ages of time, furthering their fiscal journey to change the hearts of gamers, one by one. Plus, the 3DS is a formation on the basis of Gunpei Yokoi, the designer of the Gameboy’s business strategy. Its direct translation reads “lateral thinking of seasoned technology”. It means using old technology to produce something magical and enticing to the consumer. Shigeru Miyamoto must’ve taken those words to heart.

Why I Love Nintendo’s 3DS XL So Much
My review on the 3DS XL and why its such a bundle of joy to play.

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