Why I Love Saints Row IV

Everything I love about Saints Row IV

This is maybe a little bit like a review as I will explain some of the aspects of the game, but these aspects are the reason why I love playing Saints Row IV. This WILL contain spoilers; you have been warned.

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Character customisation is the same as Saints Row 3

The main thing I love about this game is the character customisation. Saints Row IV has the same character design as Saints Row 3, with the same options on customisation and on the choice of clothing you are given. I was a little annoyed that the game developers hadn’t introduced any new looks or clothes to the game, as I am a sucker for customisation of characters.

I still really enjoyed shaping my character to how I wanted her to look (how I wished I looked in real life) with the option of changing skin colour, hair colour, eye colour, hairstyles and even the body structure.

Once you are further on in the game, you have the option to unlock the usual clothing stores: Nobody Loves Me, Let’s Pretend, Planet Saints and Leather and Lace. These all have their own unique style, and consist of styles ranging from dress up to very wacked out fetish wear. I tend to get clothes from Planet Saints, because this is what I would call a normal range.

Car customisation includes the interior, exterior and performance

Cars are a massive part of Saints Row IV. You have to use them to go everywhere you need to go, be it a mission or a new clothes run. I like to use the Raycaster as my first choice of car as it’s got great customisation choices and it  looks sleek. You can take any car to Rim Jobs (always laugh at that name) and customise everything, including the exterior, interior and performance. Again, I really like this feature due to the level of customisation, but I also like it because you can have competitions with your friends on whose car looks the best!

You can get superhuman powers

This is the BIG spoiler part!

Saints Row IV gives you superhuman powers! Yes, that’s right. I had watched a friend play this game, and when I saw that they could jump higher than a building, freeze enemies and stomp the ground to create a huge shockwave, I knew I had to get it! Most people would say this is the biggest reason for Saints Row IV being so awesome, and I don’t disagree.

I have spent countless hours in-game jumping around and freezing enemies, whilst feeling a bit more like a super villain than a superhero… evil laughter included. These super powers can be upgraded throughout the game, making them more powerful, last longer and making the damage go further. I thought I would include some screenshots of me messing around with the super jump power.

Aliens are a big part of the story line

To conclude what I love about Saints Row IV, I decided to mention the alien presence that is the main part of the storyline. I find the storyline very entertaining, but it’s also quite frustrating. It has taken me several attempts to complete certain missions due to the amount of aliens there are, but it wouldn’t be a challenge if there weren’t a lot of them! I like how the story line is different to the other games, it has a sci-fi feel to it which I am a very big fan of! 

All and all, I would quite happily sit and play this game for hours if I didn’t have a partner and kids to run around after, and to anyone who isn’t playing Saints Row IV, I highly recommend giving it a go! 

Why I Love Saints Row IV
Everything I love about Saints Row IV

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