Why Isn’t There a Pokemon MMO?

OH WAIT! There is!!

I’ve been thinking for years ‘why is there not a Pokemon MMO?’  Well apparently there is, it’s called PokeMMO! There is a slight problem with that though.  It’s just Pokemon Fire Red modded to be multiplayer.  BORING!

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  • You get some pretty in-depth character customization.
  • There seems to be a thriving community playing the game.
  • It’s free (illegally I think, haven’t quite figured that one out yet).
  • It’s got the original sound track with slight alterations.

I think that’s about all the positives, iffy positives at best though.

So it’s literally the exact same game, but you can see other people.  

That’s… Just…

How do I put this into words? ‘Oh wait I can’t.’  Jean-Luc Picard, take it away!

Don’t get me wrong though, if you’re a true Pokemon lover and still enjoy playing the same old game, its great.  For me, I’ve been there done that and just the aspect of other people being in the world isn’t enough for me.  What I want is a full blown Pokemon MMO with a more immersive and graphically pleasing world, deep PvP, and some endgame.  No more GameBoy graphics.  I got through the nineties, lets move on.

Current Pokemon MMO Options

  • PokeMMO – This seems to have the largest community playing.
  • Pokemon World Online – Uses the more recent style of Pokemon.
  • And Pokemonium – It says there is 6 people online… so yeah, ghost town.

I’m fairly certain they are all done the exact same way–take an emulator and code it to allow multiplayer; that’s it.  I feel like Nintendo would have sued the crap out of these games by now, so I’m not sure what’s going on with that.  Also, why the hell has Nintendo not developed an MMO for themselves?  They have the resources, they have the talent and they have the license, so why no MMO?  I know they are smart enough to see the potential revenue.  So what’s up Nintendo?  Make a game I’m willing to throw my money at you for!

Why Isn’t There a Pokemon MMO?
OH WAIT! There is!!

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