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Why Life is Strange: Double Exposure Probably Won’t Feature Chloe

Chloe is a fan-favorite character, but she probably won't show up in the next Life is Strange.

Max Caulfield returns in the Life is Strange: Double Exposure game, and this time, she wants to save her friend, Safi. Although it’s possible, we’ll see some other characters from the original game, some of whom are unlikely to show up. Here’s why Life is Strange: Double Exposure probably won’t feature Chloe.

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Chloe Likely Won’t Appear in Life is Strange: Double Exposure

In Double Exposure, Max has a new look and is now a photographer-in-residence at a college. Although years have passed since she last used her ability to rewind time, her friend’s death and the killer still being on the loose have her tap back into them. While there are similarities to her first adventure, Max will likely go through this game with a new cast by her side.

Why Chloe Returning Would Cause Problems in Life is Strange: Double Exposure

There are a couple of reasons that make Chloe unlikely to appear in LiS: Double Exposure. Of these reasons, the biggest would be that her fate is different depending on which ending you pick in the first game. Since she dies in one ending, bringing her back as a character could mean that the developers have to pick an ending to be the canon choice. And when a game has multiple endings that already saw plenty of debate over which is the “right” choice, picking an ending to be the official canon would likely upset plenty of players.

Of course, the dual timelines could be used with Chloe the same way they are with Safi. This would mean that one ending is canon in one timeline, and the other is canon in the split timeline. But even then, Chloe probably won’t make a return. She isn’t as interested in photography as Max. So if she decided to finish high school and go to college, it’s possible they’d go to separate schools that are more fitting for their individual goals. It simply seems easier not to include Chloe in Double Exposure.

There are multiple reasons why Life is Strange: Double Exposure probably won’t feature Chloe. While she’s a fan-favorite character, there are more reasons to keep her out of the game than there are to feature her. From here, check out more content on our Life is Strange hub!

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