Why Rogue Invader Gets a Yes From Me On Greenlight

Rogue Invader, a 2D rogue-like game needs your vote on Steam Greenlight.
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Let me start out by saying I generally don’t play games like this, I’m more of an RPG and MOBA fan. That being said, there is a nostalgia factor to the game’s visual style. 

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What Is Rogue Invader?:

Rogue Invader is a rogue-like 2D game that puts the player against the alien masses. In a unique twist, Squishy Games, the developers behind Rogue Invader decided to go with a 1-bit visual style. Anyone who’s played video games on an Apple Macintosh probably has fond memories of this style. It reminds me of playing games on my old Gameboy Pocket back in the day.

So Why 1-bit?:

When Squishy Games initially contacted me, I asked them why they chose this visual style. In response, I got several paragraphs of back story and decisions that led them to this. Luckily, they also sent me a TL;DR version so I could share it here.

Three influences: Apple Macintosh, Lucas Pope’s Obra Dinn, and the need for a strong differentiator.


After flying the Terran Army to the alien home world, they realize they have a small problem. The supply ships were destroyed during the journey. So now, with a single drop pod, it’s up to you to end the war. Armed with the last pistol, you take the fight to the aliens.

Overall, this game has an amazing concept, and is totally different from other games that come out these days. The comments on the Steam Greenlight page are for the most part very positive as well. Even though it’s not a game I’d probably play just due to my personal taste in games, Squishy Games still gets a yes from me. I’d like to see this game come out, if nothing else just to prove a game doesn’t have to use the most advanced graphics to be enjoyed.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Are you going to vote yes for Rogue Invader? Good luck Squishy Games, I hope your game is a success.

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